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Your Daily Email Addiction

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Got a ripe one for ya today:

Recently this dude I know got dumped by his girl and he’s having a tough time dealing with it. He’s actually pretty successful (far more successful, monetarily speaking, than I am, that’s fo’ sho’). But, his girl gave him the slip and he spent a few hours on skype telling me about it and how to avoid having it happen to him again.

My advice?

Well, in his case, he put his girl on a pedestal.

He damn near worshipped her.

And that, in my humble (but accurate) opinion, was his downfall.

So I told him henceforth to never, ever, Ever, EVER put a girl on a pedestal.

I don’t care if it’s someone he’s dating.

Or a girlfriend.

Or, even a wife.

First of all, its dorky.

And secondly, there are practical reasons for this.

Like your peace of mind.

Your dignity.

And, yes, your income levels.

Is there a girl you like so much you can’t stop thinking about her? Think about and work on your business, instead. Some girl giving you crap or nagging you? Ignore her and work on your business. Some chick disrespecting or complicating your life? Dump her ass, then work on your business.

You get the idea….

Never pedestalize your woman.

Pedestalize your business, instead.

After all, your business will never leave you or forsake you… never nag, complain or get insecure and act stoopid (i.e. sabotage your success) on you.

Instead, it’ll give you focus.

And passion.

And, yes, purpose.

Plus, you know what else?

You should have this attitude towards customers, too.

Don’t pedestalize them, either.

Serve them, yes.

Give them your BEST, absolutely.

But don’t pedestalize them, let them get away with disrespecting you or relying on any one of them for your income… or suffer the same fate (i.e. you’ll lose them and not get paid) as my friend did with his girl you will.


Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

You are?


Then, one more thing to think about:

If you pedestalize your business and grow it using email the way I teach… it can give you a lifestyle that lets you call your own shots, answer to no man, and live completely debt free on your own terms.

And that, my little droogie, will make you more attractive.

(To women, JV partners, customers — everyone.)

That means you win, boss.

Which reminds me:

In the February “Email Players” issue I will show you how to use some unique marketing skills to get all the dates you can handle. (And, how to get all the new CUSTOMERS you handle, too — anyone can benefit from this issue, not just single dudes).

It’s a real doozie this time..

Probably one of the best issues I’ve written.

Alright enough.

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Ben Settle

  • Book & Tabloid Newsletter Publisher
  • Email Supremacist
  • Alt-Copywriter
  • Software Investor
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