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Last week, while promoting the July Email Players issue, a bloke with a serious case of Trump derangement syndrome, and in need of some serious social skills, said:

Just proved you are mortal. You Trump fan boy! The Donald is not the brilliant negotiator you think he is. He is a long con artist. Eventually his presidency will go the way of Trump City, Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka and Trump University. It will be his biggest busted flush.

He handed Kim his pants and didnt get a ticket.

Mr. Settle you would be 10x better as President than the Donald, because you sell based on whats real not the bullshit that makes you smell pretty.

So you can dump me off your list and I’ll go waaa for about 30 seconds.

Or you can realize one of the reasons you have ears is to keep your head for going completely up your ass and stop idolizing the deadbeat con you suckers put in the whitehouse. Jeez man he didn’t even write the art of the deal. At least you really write the stuff that got you where you are.

If I never hear from you again, so long and have a nice life.

Okay, forget for a second I didn’t endorse Trump.

Forget for a second I did not vote for him, either.

(I did an entire podcast about why.)

Even forget (for just a second, if you’re a seether) the fellow who wrote this is literally copying and pasting talking points that are demonstrably and factually incorrect. It’s like left wingers have never heard of ghost writers before. Or foolishly and naively think you can become a billionaire (“Let’s see his tax returns!” my favorite retort) without massive amounts of failure, stress, and punishment that nobody whining about oppression on their $900 iPhone could even fathom. Or that the guy, against the monstrously funded Democratic party, the entire political establishment, and even his *own* party… won against a far more politically connected and more sinister opponent, without any political experience whatsoever.

Not to mention how he’s rapidly making it as if Obama was never even president at all…

Forget all that a second.

Yes, I learn from Trump whenever possible, including his mistakes.

(Which is what I was referring to in the email the guy above responded to, ironically, and that I talk about in this month’s Email Players newsletter that people smart enough to have subscribed before the deadline last week — too late now — possess, or soon will, along with a copy of my new book “The Email Players Rules Vol 1” I gifted to them for my birthday month, which I will likely sell for $100 or more.)

I learned many things from Obama, too.

And Bill Clinton.

And Reagan.

And many other presidents.

I wrote an entire email about this not all that long ago. Frankly, if I’d known Trump was going to bring all this bat shyt out of the liberals, RHINO’s, and neo-conservatives I’d have voted for him and even campaigned for the guy.

This has been the most entertaining presidency of my life.

And, I suspect it will only get more so as time goes on.

Especially when, barring Trump being found in bed with a farm animal or something, he’s going to win by a huge landslide in 2020 if the democrats don’t work on their talking points and propaganda game, and at least try to care what the electorate outside of New York and California wants.

Anyway, one more thing:

I have no problem with people spewing mindless left wing derangement at me.

(elBenbo Derangement Syndrome?)

It sometimes makes for great email fodder.

But, it always makes for great amusement.

So have at it, Tiger.

Or, even better, if you don’t want to actually use that seething energy to make sales writing emails instead, you can learn my evil right-wing email methods here:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
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  • Email Specialist

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