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One of the lightbulb moments for me in my copywriting education came over 10 years ago, when I interviewed the great A-list copywriter Doug D’Anna.

It was a pretty short interview.

(I think it clocked in at under 35 minutes.)

And we started talking about headlines.

He told me about a winning headline he’d written that I suspect nary a hotshot copywriter today would think is either secksy or persuasive. In fact, I suspect 9 out of 10 copywriters would scoff at it and say it sucks if they were to critique the sales letter without knowing who wrote it.

The headline?

“Can India Stop China?”

I doubt you’ll ever see that headline in a list of 100 greatest headlines. I doubt you’ll see anyone try to “swipe” it. And, I doubt you’d see it held up as a shining example of copywriting brilliance at any seminars.

But, it according to Doug it was a huge hit.

And, the reason why is because it wasn’t trying to impress copywriters.

It was trying to make a sale.

And to that market, at that time in history, that question was burning in their minds, and of 100% importance & significance to their lives.

This is, btw, why I don’t do critiques anymore.

(Besides the fact I hate doing copywriting critiques)

As Doug D’Anna put it in the same interview:

“How can I offer somebody a copywriting critique on a piece of sales copy for a product or a prospect that I am 100 percent unfamiliar with?”

Anyway, guys like Doug and other A-listers have incredible headline knowledge.

And, I’m always taken to school when I read their stuff.

Speaking of which:

There is a particular A-list copywriter who, for my money, is the single best headline writer on the planet. Someone whose headlines I study (even if they are a bit gross sometimes…) all the time, and who I also get many email subject line and theme ideas just from the headlines.

And, on page 15 I show you where to find this copywriter’s ads.

(It’s my secret headline “stash” when I write ads.)

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Ben Settle

  • Novelist
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  • Email Specialist

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