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Your Daily Email Addiction

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Over the past couple months I’ve been getting probably 2-3 emails per day from some schlubs in Japan trying to “sextort” me into sending them Bitcoin in exchange for not telling all my contacts about some videos I didn’t watch.

i.e. what computer security ex-spurts call “sextortion.”

The schtick goes like this:

1. You get an email from someone saying they know your password — specifically, an old password you used 10+ years ago with Yahoo or some other big company whose data was recently hacked

2. The secks-torter says they put some virus on your computer when you visited a site they don’t name, just that it was some pourno site they say they recorded you watching

3. They also use your first name, or whatever name is before the “@“ in your email to make it sound even more menacing and urgent

4. They say they will leak the video of you watching pourno to your contacts

5. But, they will be kind enough to delete the video if you send them some bitcoin

The first time I got this, I couldn’t help but think:

“What kind of idiot asks for Bitcoin — which dropping in value like a rock?”

Then, my second thought was:

“I bet this actually works on some people…”

Turns out it does, according to the computer security ex-spurts.

In fact, this sextortion shtick is such a thing now, even the hit show Black Mirror did an episode about it. And, I hear-tell that was one of the more popular episodes. I also would not be surprised if that episode did more to “sell” anti-virus and anti-malware software than any ad or sales pitch run by these companies ever did.

And you know what?

There is an extremely powerful email tactic at work with this.

A tactic I’ve been using for years, to sell products and services in all kinds of niches and markets, and price points.

And before you even ask:

It goes beyond just “storytelling.”

There is a very unique kind of story telling method at work. A method I have never heard a single marketing or copywriting ex-spurt teach. And, admittedly, when I was using it, I was using it completely on accident after watching another movie (I’ll talk about soon), incidentally. But, since this sextortion adventures, I’ve been prepping to teach it in my “Email Players” newsletter, as it’s one of these selling methods that can dramatically increase your sales the first time you use it, and every time you use it after that.

Enter the upcoming November issue:

I not only teach you this method in vivid “HD” detail.

But, I show you several examples, too.

It’s a story telling method that is thousands of years old.

But, nary anyone in direct marketing uses it, much less teaches it.

And after you read the November issue, you’ll be able to use whenever you want to make all kinds of sales — including to people who normally hate being sold to.

But to read it, you have to be subscribed.

And, even more important, you must be subscribed before the deadline.

(Coming up in a few days).

To get it, you must be subscribed before I send it to the printer here:

Ben Settle

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