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Sometimes your long-suffering servant elBenbo gets accused by the trolls and skeptics of using a bit of “puffery”… as if some of the things I claim about “Email Players” possibly be true, and are maybe even a wee bit exaggerated.

But, if anything, I think I’m holding back.

And, here’s a little venom for those nay-sayers proving why:

Your book “The Email Players Skhema” just detonated in my brain.

I started reading it today after it had been sitting on my desk all week. I got to page 10 and said, I need a fresh notebook to write down all the ideas that are blasting into my mind.

Here’s a sidebar note before I talk about just a few of the ideas that were generated.

Ben, you sometimes talk about Gary Bencivenga and with good reason. Gary is brilliant when it comes to copywriting. One of the best ever and acknowledged as such by the best of the best of his peers. I was at Gary’s once-in-a-lifetime retirement seminar May 20th, 2005, at The St. Regis Hotel in New York City, along with 130 of the most brilliant minds in copywriting, marketing and sales.

In addition to Gary “telling all” about how to become a successful copywriter, he revealed 2 of his “secret weapons” for generating ideas and bullets. Dale Carnegie’s book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and Frank Bettger’s book “How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling”.

I have to be honest about this and I want to be perfectly clear!

Your Email Players Skhema book blows to smithereens both books that Gary Bencivenga said were for decades his secret weapons.

Here’s what I got from just the first several pages of your book where you detail your “13 ways to write subject lines that are almost impossible to ignore”.

For the record, I’m a real estate Broker and from the dozens of ideas generated here’s just 3 for subject lines that your book detonated in my brain for me to build an email list of hungry real estate salespeople:

From subject line secret #6 – Your average listing commission 5% – Mine 8.51%
From subject line secret #2 – They just “stole” $3,237.57 from your commissions
From subject line secret #3 – Highest ROI real estate training ever – every $1 brings $6.21

I could go on with the ideas generated by your Email Players Skhema book and I’m only up to page 25 of your 135 page book. (Looks like I’ll be staying up most of the night.)

By the way. I’ve read thousands of books on just about every business subject.

My all-time favorite book however is the Bible. Today your Email Players Skhema book just hit #2 on my list. (It won’t go higher!)

Ben, your Email Players Skhema book is “Da Bomb”.

And I’m absolutely looking forward to your April issue of the “Email Players” newsletter!

Ben, you have my permission to use the above in any way your “obnoxiously twisted mind” sees fit.

Vic Pattenaude, Broker

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