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Once upon a time, Yours Obnoxiously went on a podcast rant about why modern goal-setting (i.e. practically anything you hear on flakebook or the Internet) causes nothing but stress, anxiety, and accomplishing less (if anything at all) for most people.

The gist of it was:

Don’t set outcome goals, set task goals.

In plain English, that means:

Don’t focus on what you can’t control, and instead focus on what you can control.

For example:

(For wait loss)

If you want to lose a bunch of wait in 2018, don’t focus on losing 50 lbs (which you can’t control). Set a goal to eat right each day, to exercise regularly, to take more walks, to be more active, getting your hormones checked (and proceeding accordingly if there is a problem), getting better sleep, laying off the booze & sugar, etc.

Unlike the up-and-down scale, these are all things you can control.

And, it completely eliminates anxiety or frustration.

Another example:

(For guys and relationships)

If you want to find a hot & pleasant woman who wants nothing more in life than to keep your belly full and your balls empty, don’t focus on “finding that woman” (which you can’t control) — focus on your Mission (or finding a Mission if you don’t have one), consistently going to the gym, improving your confidence (mastering a skill is a good way to do this), working on your business, catching yourself and changing your behavior whenever you get needy, observing what the guys who already do have the kind of woman you want are like i.e. don’t ask the deer (chicks) how to hunt it, ask the hunter (guys who get the kind of chicks you want) how to hunt it, and the list goes on.

Another example:

(For finances)

If you want to bust through to the six or seven figure mark in 2018, don’t focus on making the six or seven figures (which you can’t control). Focus on consistently sending attractive offers to receptive leads, on making yourself a better copywriter, on boning up on the best marketing and business-building knowledge, on studying your market and creating offers it’s already waiting for you to sell to them, on driving quality buyers with money to your website instead of worthless freebie-seekers, on putting up 1-click upsells that perfectly complement whatever it is you’re selling, on getting your audience into as many different media as possible (something I’ll be yapping about more in an upcoming “Email Players” issue), and the list goes on.

All things you can control.

Another example:

(People wanting better email results)

If you want more sales with email don’t set goals to have higher open rates, more clicks, or even bigger sales. Instead, focus on writing an email (or more) each day, on constantly improving your email skills, on getting better email delivery, on making sure your emails are bursting through the seams with your personality (hardly anyone does that), on being more controversial, on being less timid, and on being a better overall communicator. (Watch YouTube clips of Johnny Carson monologues, listen to great stand-up comedians, tune into the big talk radio shows — Rush, Savage, Stern, etc — whether you “like” them or not is irrelevant, study their communication abilities, they are easily learned).

All the above you have 100% control over.


Instead of shrieking about Trump’s tweets, study them and reverse engineer how he gets the mass media and all your high falutin’ Facebook friends who natter on about he’s an idiot to bark like trained seals on command any time he wants — giving him even more influence, power, and free marketing each time he does it… then apply what you learn to your marketing.

For example:

Look at his tweets and see which ones get the most likes/retweets/media attention. Then look at them and go, “gee wiz… I could apply what he said there to my market/product…”

Again, it’s irrelevant if you “like” him or love him.

In fact, if you hate him, it’s even more important.


Because that means your emotions belong to him.

Do you like your emotions belonging to someone else?


Then why not use it to your advantage, and figure out how to apply whatever he’s doing to seize your emotions to what you sell. This is a skill few people have. And, it’s also something I’ll also be writing about in “Email Players” in 2018. (And, also, in my Email Beniversity event next Summer.)

Anyway, if you want to learn my emails ways check out “Email Players”.

Today is the deadline to get in on the January issue.

It’s got a business model for a high earning email-driven business handed to you to model, adapt, and run with on a golden platter.

After that?

Well, since I don’t sell back issue on the regular anymore, it’ll be too late.

Here’s the link:

I’m sending everything to the printer today.

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  • Email Specialist

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