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Long-time customer Morten (last name withheld by request) sends me the most Romantic Valentine’s Day present I could ask for — a live, wriggling example of how good-will emails break bank accounts:

…when I worked for the b*tch who copied your freebie as a bonus chapter for a book she (still) sells…

…she had me do a good will autoresponder of like 12 refurbished (but old) emails, and said I couldn’t put a sales link in the first 5-6 emails, because good will.


Hardly any sales from any of the autoresponder emails at all, not even the onces with sales link.

Shortly after that she created an autoresponder course in which she bragged/lied about how her own autoresponder sold like crazy.

And I was like…



Why not just put a sales link in from day 1 and see the difference?

But she was in a hurry, so she just lied.

Now people are copying her stupid system, not knowing why it doesn’t work for them.

Bullshitters gonna bull

Thanks again for teaching me the real thang.

Just goes to show:

Crime doesn’t pay.

And, neither does following a criminal’s (i.e. people who plagiarize) marketing.

In fact, his email is proof-positive that:

Stealing content is will hurt your bottom line. Swiping emails (how do you “swipe” a personality?) will hurt your bottom line. And, yes, sending good-will emails will hurt ye olde bottom line. I know, I know… [insert name of your favorite guru] told you to do this from a seminar stage or whatever.

But, the proof is always in the doing.

Anyway, I’ll leave with this:

In my “Email Players” newsletter I don’t teach good will emails.

But, I do teach how to write emails that generate good will while selling.

And, this is especially true for the March issue.

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Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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