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True story:

Not long ago, the owners of a well-known Boston tavern said they were victims of a misinformation campaign after a group that attended a “free speech” rally had lunch at their establishment.

What the “free speech” rally meant is was not specified in the article I read.

But, what it did say was this:

  • These free speech rally people came to eat at the tavern.
  • According to the tavern owners, “The group was quiet, nondescript. They weren’t wearing anything to show hate or anything of that nature.”
  • Shortly after, another group arrived outside and told the manager the tavern was serving neo-Nazis and demanded they be kicked out.
  • This other group of Virtue Signalers were not customers, not eating or drinking or buying anything at the tavern, just outside acting like the low class jackasses SJWs are.
  • Not a single customer inside the tavern cared or made any complaints (just the non-customer SJW mob outside).
  • The manager went outside to talk to the little psychopath SJWs and assured them no hate or whatever they were accusing the group of were doing anything other than eating.
  • The SJWs — identified as the Boston Feminists for Liberation (which, alone, should tell you something…) said on their Facebook the tavern was, “playing host to members of women hating, gay bashing, white supremacist groups.”
  • Dozens of bad reviews started pouring in to Yelp saying things like, “stay away, this bar serves Nazis openly wearing swastikas and other white supremacist symbols and intimidating other patrons.”

Yes, this was the case even though nobody was wearing swastikas.

Or white supremacist symbols.

Or anything else to identify themselves as Hitler’s little helpers.

But that didn’t stop the mob.

No sir-ee-bop.

In fact, it got so bad, Yelp had to launch what it called an “active cleanup” of the reviews that it said don’t reflect a firsthand customer experience.

(Which, again, should tell you something.)

Anyway, here is why I mention this:

To my knowledge, this tavern did nothing to capitalize on these idiots.

In fact, it looked like all they did was play the victim.

(The absolute worst thing you can do in any crisis situation.)

And it’s a pity, too.

Because, had they used elBenbo’s Email Supremacist 7 -step crisis-management plan inside the October “Email Players” issue (including 2 copyright-free email/social media posts you can use, adapt, and modify as you see fit should this happen to you) they’d have laughed at these harpies, instead of cowering to them.

Would have made a lot of money from, too.

And, would have built a much bigger and more loyal fanbase as a result.

Ah well.

Too bad for them.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t profit from their situation. To get this information in your hot little hands, and inoculate yourself — like a vaccine — against any attacks like this (or even just garden variety online review trolls) on your business, subscribe to “Email Players” before the coming deadline.

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Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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