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Even fire-breathing heathens can use this email trick to make more shekels

Last year I found myself on a Michael Heiser kick.

If you don’t know who he is, that’s not all that surprising. Basically he’s one of my favorite Biblical scholars, and the Academic Editor for Logos Bible Software. Anyway, I read a few of his books and listened to a bunch of his teachings and, something he said applies so perfectly to direct response copywriting, email, etc that, if I wanted to be a drama king, I’d say it’s almost downright supernatural.

But, since there are a bunch of heathen reading this, I won’t go there.

(You are so welcome!)

But, where I will go, is to something he said about the Bible that, when you consciously apply it to your emails and other copywriting, you should see a fat increase in ye olde pot o’ gold. (In fact, when I thought about it, this one thing has been responsible for more email sales than anything I’ve ever done.)

What I am talking about is, quite simply, Bible prophecy.

And, specifically, something he said about the nature of it.

Now, I don’t have any hard numbers.

But, I will hazard a guess that billions of dollars have been generated collectively selling Bible prophecy-related books, audios, videos, seminars, to churches that love talking about it, and even using it to predict certain investments. Not to mention all the tithing that goes towards churches that focus on prophecy. And, one of the main reasons (if not the main reason) so much dough has been thrown at these things is not only human nature wanting to know the future… but because, as Mr. Heiser said, Biblical prophecy is:

“Ambiguous by design”

What he meant by that is this:

Bible prophecy was purposely left vague and ambiguous.

Despite everyone supposedly knowing what each prophetic passage means (get 10 people reading a single sentence of a prophecy in Daniel or Revelation, and you’ll get 10 different versions of “THE TRUTH!” and a link to the site of their favorite Bible teacher from them), nobody really does for sure.

And, it’s written that way on purpose.

Okay, so what does this have to do with your emails and copy?

And, how can this little ditty enrich you with more shekels?

That, my fine feathered little leprechaun is in the March “Email Players” issue. And before you even ask… this secret has nothing to do with making predictions (which is another powerful marketing concept, for another day).

This is something completely different.

Something I don’t think people really understand or use properly.

But you will.

That is, if you are subscribed before the deadline and do exactly as I command in the next issue to tap into something used by the highest-earning sales letters, emails, and other marketing in history.

She goes to the printer shortly.

Subscribe her in time, while you still can:

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