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I don’t know if it’s some kind of Halloween thing or what, but I have noticed this month has shown many more Email Players subscribers being plagued with stolen, hacked, and compromised credit card issues than ever before.

You’ll always see a handful each month when selling subscription offers.

But this month there’s been at least twice as many.

Including some up to this very day.

And each time, it can be very frustrating for the customer. I can read the frustration in their “please don’t cancel my subscription, a new card is on the way!” pleas for their lord & master elBenbo to stay his itchy trigger finger that is always so quick & eager to cancel & curate out those he deems unworthy, and eject them into the emptiness of the Outer Void, never to be allowed to return.

But, here’s the thing.

And a lot of people are probably going to shriek at me like a banshee at this.

“Ben that’s so unfaaaaaiiiirr!”

And maybe they will be right.

But, I have decided to double down on the brilliant Dan Kennedy policy of:

“Your crisis does not become my crisis.”

Fact is, it’s a pain in the ass to keep up with peoples’ overdue credit cards problems after I’ve sent the Email Players list in — which I will be doing later today for the November issue.

I won’t go into all the reasons why.

Because they aren’t important.

What is important is, my policy for bad credit cards at the end of the month:

I will no longer be making “exceptions” and waiting for people to get their new card in the mail after being hacked. All accounts not current at the time I send the list to the printer will be deleted, with the customer blocked in the shopping cart for wasting my time having to go through and do so. That means, if you want to get the next issue, you will have to temporarily use a different card for now, then switch to whatever card you are waiting for later when it arrives.

It’s very simple, as I can send you a secure link to change it at any time.

But anyone not current by the time I send the list in will be canceled.

And before some sob sister or mush cookie holds a candlelight vigil about this:

If you are an adult, with a real business, the only kind of subscribers I want and care to have… and if you (1) don’t have a second credit card or (2) a personal credit card you can use temporarily while you await your new card, then you have no place amongst us in the Email Players of the Horde.

Don’t give me those silly excuses, Maynard.

Your long suffering taskmaster elBenbo knows.

Oh, yes, he knows indeed that if your precious cell phone account, internet account, cable TV account, Netflix account, Amazon Prime account, Spotify account, iTunes account, or any other entertainment-related account was being paid for with a defrauded card, you’d somehow find and use a different card to keep services going unencumbered.

True story:

Last year when I had an office in the Old Town section of the town I lived in, I had my high speed internet on my American Express business card. And, something went kablooey with their system, where it couldn’t work with American Express for some reason.

I kept foolishly ignoring their warnings.

And, it got to the point where they were about to shut it off the next day.

So what did I do?

I simply used my personal credit card until they got their shyt together.

This ain’t rocket science.

It’s simply a matter of priorities.

And, thus, henceforth, for anyone whose credit card has been compromised, hacked, stolen… if you want the next month’s issue — in this case, the November issue — you need only let me know you want to use a different card, I’ll send you a secure link to change it, and when your shiny new card arrives, simply let me know again and I’ll send you another secure link.

But I won’t be “holding off.”

And I won’t be making any exceptions.

Whatever the case, the deadline for the November 100th “Email Players” issue is almost here.

If you want in on time to get it, use the link below.

If you need to swap out your credit card, best let me know.

And if you couldn’t care less, either way, you’re a trooper for reading this far…

Whatever the case, here is the link to subscribe:

Ben Settle

  • Book & Tabloid Newsletter Publisher
  • Email Supremacist
  • Alt-Copywriter
  • Software Investor
  • Pulp Novelist

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