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Your Daily Email Addiction

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“Email Players” subscriber Blas Carrasco checks in:

(Responding to an email I once sent showing how it took 2k+ daily emails to make a sale to a particular customer)

This email made me take a look and get a rough time estimate as to how long I’ve been getting emails from you. 

Approximately 170-180 emails total.  Which roughly equates to 5 months.  

So, what did I do in those 5 months, in regards to the “Ben Settle World of Email Wizardry”?

1) I bought your Villains book and Big Book of Business.  

2) Studied your emails best I could not knowing much about your system

3) Watched youtube videos of your interviews, podcasts, and presentations

4) Listened to your podcast from the beginning

Then BAM! After getting an email I finally said, “enough is enough…it’s time to shit or get off the pot”.

Once I signed up for Email Players I got my Playbook and DVD in the mail and consumed them both and started implementing.  It also was one of the deciding factors, along with other influences, in me moving forward with my new business idea.  

You not only infotain us through these emails, but you inspire, and influence.  Bottom line your emails resonated with me.  I can’t wait for my first issue.

Thank you Ben!

It’s my genuine pleasure, Mr. Carrasco.

The Ben Settle School of Email Wizardy is sometimes more bizarre than Hogwarts, and a whole helluva lot more profitable. And it’s also my pleasure to watch my boys and ghouls rise to the top of their niches, have everyone try (and fail) to copy them, and make start building a bigger, more predictable, and more stable income.

It’s what I teach each month in “Email Players”.

And, it’s what I can teach you, too, if you have the right attitude and implement.

The September issue goes to the printer in a few short days.

It’s loaded with ways to make your emails more responsive.

To get in before the deadline, go here tonight:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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