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Your Daily Email Addiction

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One of the things I enjoy getting are big, steaming piles of hate mail.

I don’t get as much of it as I used to. Mostly since, I do a lot of “sifting and sorting” before someone opts-in to my lists, as I market in a such a way where overly-emotional men and women who like to take out their problems on others or get into mindless pissing matches don’t bother joining my lists in the first place.

But, every now and then, one or two slip by the goalie.

And when one does, I sometimes perk up and stop everything.


Because it’s like Christmas.

They’re giving me a Valuable gift:

Their emotions.

And not only is someone giving me their emotions (their emotions belong to me for as long as they keep the hatin’ going…), but I often find them amusing & entertaining. The exceptions being the long, rambling ones that are just one giant paragraph. I usually don’t read those. But, I have been known to reply and let them know their return key game is weak.


The intellectually honest ones can be turned to the elBenbo side of the Force.

It doesn’t happen all the time.

But, it does every now and then.

And, those types turn out to be some of the best, long term buyers there are.

On the other hand, the intellectually dishonest ones (i.e. trolls who live in their mom’s basement, for example) simply provide endless amusement and future email fodder. So even if they don’t change their angry ways, I can use their anger to my advantage in some way. Either in a daily email or as story content in something else (podcast, public speaking, whatever).

Either way, I never take it personally when someone is pissed.

I don’t think you should, either.

For one thing, some deranged hate mail will put some hair on your chest.

(Get enough of it, and it not only doesn’t bother you, you look forward to it…)

For another thing, if you do, you are admitting they are better than you.

Plus, you have to realize that virtually every one of them exists in their own self-created echo chamber. They block anyone who disagrees with them. They get livid every time someone they hate tweets (look at Trump’s twitter replies — some of his haters are literally insane). And, they simply aren’t emotionally mature enough to handle honest disagreement, and would just as soon destroy you (or threaten to) than let the issue be.

In fact, over the years, I have noticed something about these types:

The more mindlessly angry someone gets, the more of an echo chamber that person exists in.

This goes for people who enjoy getting into pointless pissing matches, too. (i.e. people who just lob insults, zero substance)

It’s not that they’re “bad” people.

They’re just not very mentally stable.

Thus, while I don’t take their attacks personally, I rarely respond to them. And when I do, I regret it every single time due to the waste of time — since there’s not much benefit in getting into someone who had a full bladder and enjoys pissing matches (figuratively or literally…)

But, I am not too proud to take the free fodder they provide.

After all, what’s the point of having haters if you can’t profit from them?

They spend all that time seething and writing to you.

It’d be a pity not to let them help you help yourself…

All right, enough of this.

Maybe someone needed to hear it, maybe not.

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Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
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