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Earlier this year I did the proverbial deep-dive into a book called:


The world’s single most prolific comicbook writer (even more prolific than the late Stan Lee) Chuck Dixon once recommended it. And it contains interviews with golden age screenwriters that are chock-full of marketing, copywriting, and persuasion insights. Them old school screenwriters and directors truly understood human nature & psychology. And when you read how they thought, solved problems, and worked… you start to see all kinds of marketing & copywriting techniques you simply won’t find in any book, course, seminar, or other program.

Take the movie “Rear Window.”

Easily one of my all-time favorite movies.

But, also, one of my all-time favorite marketing “seminars” in and of itself.

Take any of the dialogue between the two characters, for example.

If you have not seen the movie, the main character Jeff is an older, rough-around-the-edges (not at all sophisticated, extroverted, or the type to dress up or go to parties) photographer and “slob hero” who usually lives out of a suitcase. He also has a broken leg from getting too close to a racing car crash he got a photo of, and lives a life of high adventure, with never more than a week’s salary in the bank.

His girlfriend Lisa, on the other foot, is a high society socialite and his polar opposite.

She loves fancy clothes, fancy dinners, and fancy gifts.

She is also young and beautiful and graceful… and can have any man in New York City she wants — including high value men with money, fortune, and fame.

Jeff and Lisa couldn’t be more far apart.

Yet she is madly in love with Jeff.

And it’s fascinating how he keeps her in a constant state of loving him, despite all reason, logic, and practicality telling her otherwise due to them being so opposite, and him not at-all being the kind of guy anyone would think she should be madly in love with.

Anyway, their interactions are like mini masterclasses in persuasion.

And not-so-accidentally:

What Jeff does is how I originally “ethically manipulated” Stefania.

Like Jeff and Lisa, Stefania and I could not have been more opposite when we first met in my old elBenbo’s Lair Facebook group. She was a clubbing New Yorker, Millennial-minded, pro-choice/pro-Bernie liberal, scared of guns, rednecks, and right-wingers who behave like Yours Unruly. Our interactions were very much like Jeff and Lisa’s in the movies early on as far as how opposite we were. And today, she’d tell you she is not only not the same person she was 4 years ago… but almost the complete opposite.


Both Jeff and I used the same persuasion “technique” to keep our women madly in love.

To bend them to our evil ways.

And, ultimately, to make them both way happier as a result.

Here’s why I am going on and on about this:

In the January “Email Players” issue I go into great detail behind how I used this technique on Stefania… how Jeff used it on Lisa (including dialogue from the movie so you can study it in minute detail)… and even another example from the movie “Gone Girl” — where the main character Nick Dunne uses this same technique to help save his reputation and from facing the electric chair. In Nick’s case, he is on a national TV show facing a world where everyone hates him except his sister and his lawyer. It’s known he had an affair, evidence is cooked against him that he killed his wife, the police have all but arrested him, his town despises him, and the show host — Sharon — is known for busting balls for ratings.

His only way “out” is the technique taught in the January issue.

Plus, I also show you the exact part of the script where he does it.

Take all the above, along with the context & real-life examples (from my own businesses as well as various Email Players of the horde’s businesses) inside the rest of the issue, and I daresay it could be the single most potent lesson in persuasion you’ve ever seen.

A tall order for sure.

Especially considering how well-versed many in my Horde already are in persuasion & marketing.

But the proof is in the reading & doing.

Something you can do by being subscribed before tomorrow’s 12/31/20 deadline.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

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