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Your Daily Email Addiction

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Even though I find all-things Darwin to have about as much basis in reality as Narnia, there is a sort of “Darwinian” aspect to my business methodologies I cannot deny.

Take, for example, this email I got from an “Email Players” subscriber:

(Regarding this month’s issue about how to create your own marketing “universe.”)

I agree with Stephen’s comment beginning the last newsletter, “it’s to advanced for me” but I’m not quitting.

To tell you the truth I felt like a high school student reading something from a Phd level course.

But I took a different approach.

First I read the newsletter, then I read it again. The third time I start taking notes, then I read it a fourth time looking for something I understand. I then do my homework (watch the movies you recommend, read the books, etc). My level of understanding is growing.

I feel like my knowledge has brought me to an undergrad level

Thank You for making me smarter.

And, I daresay, stronger, too.

He “gets” it, and will become a helluva lot better at marketing as a result by default.

Most who have trouble with it won’t, and will wisely find greener pastures.

A fun fact that may or may not matter to you one way or the other:

Starting with last year’s April 2019 “Email Players” issue I made the decision to stop futzing around with giving people what they wanted (i.e., email swipe file material, hacks, tactics, tricks, etc) and talk more about what they needed:

Going deeper into marketing, psychology, selling, and copywriting.

A lot of this was because the former bored me.

While the latter excited me — and still does.

I knew it’d cause some heartburn amongst a few members of my Hairy Horde. But it was telling how so many of the confirmed low IQ marketers I know (not necessarily low IQ people, let me be clear about that, probably a lot of them are very smart otherwise, but just not all that bright or deep thinking when it comes to marketing specifically) on my list — some who’d been customers for years, who I’d had many interactions with, including seeing the shallowness of their questions and thought processes — were outright offended by that issue.

It was like I’d blasphemed their marketing religion in some ways.

Not because there was anything offensive in it.

But because they clearly wanted more swipes and tactics and “sell me the dream so I can continue to do nothing” type info.

It’s been a while, but from what I remember:

The ones complaining did NOT want to have to think beyond a checklist telling them what to do.

They abhorred me (gasp!) putting the blatant advertising in that issue I did.

And, they especially had trouble placing the information in any kind of context they could use — even though the info was universally applicable to literally any kind of business, in any kind of market/niche, and in any kind of product category.

Frankly, it wasn’t even an original concept I taught.

It was just my unique spin & applications on something that’d changed my entire business around.

But the low IQ marketers weren’t having any of it.

They basically said “I didn’t sign up for this!” and off they went.

While the higher IQ marketers, on the other hand — including a few especially brilliant marketers I’ve been studying for almost 20 years — loved every word of it, couldn’t get enough of it, and demanded more.

Short story long:

That reaction meant I was on the right track, and I’ve done many more such issues ever since.

And I’ve noticed the same reaction in a lot of them:

The info was either revered or reviled.

Incidentally, this has been especially true of this month’s October issue — which is currently getting almost exact equal parts lovin’ & leavin’. I have not run the numbers, but my guess is I have not gotten both this many raving testimonials about a single issue and how it’s changing their businesses along with this many cancellations in a single month since the April 2019 issue.

Of course, the next issue will have the same complexity.

And it’ll continue to be the same going forward as it has been since April 2019.

That way, over time, if all goes the way it’s been going… the passive sellers, the small thinking, and the low IQ marketers who can’t think past checklists & swipe files will continue to find somewhere else to learn from, that is more at their learning speed & level. While the aggressive sellers, the bigger thinking, and the high IQ marketers will continue to enjoy it.

This is the sweet spot I believe every marketer should be striving for:

Absolute polarity.

But not just for the long term sales, higher quality customers, and other obvious benefits.

It’s also because you are doing your market a real service, too.

After all, just as it does a 4th grade child struggling to read no good to put him in the advanced reading class, slowing learning down for his peers and further frustrating him, it does no good to put their equivalent in your own market into any kind of advanced training in whatever it is you teach — regardless of market, niche, or product category.

Yes, I know this might sound cruel & condescending to the sob sisters.

Probably even shamelessly arrogant.

But it’s anything but cruel & condescending or arrogant — it’s merciful.

After all, it saves people money, time, and frustration. And if you’re like me where you prefer having 4 shiny & new quarters in your pocket instead of 100 sticky & decrepit pennies, you’re being merciful to your own peace of mind too.

Again, I don’t know who this helps or not on my list.

But it is a demonstration of how I use email to do customer curation.

It’s also a warning of sorts:

My upcoming new book “elBenbo Press” about my high-ticket book & newsletter publishing model has this kind of inner game and way of thinking about customer curation embedded throughout it.

So if this email revolts you, then that book certainly will.

And, thus, you’re better off not getting it if that is the case.

More next week when it launches to my main list.

For now, if the “Email Players” newsletter sounds like your speed, go here:

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