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I am not sure I am supposed to reveal this person’s name or not.

(For reasons that’ll be obvious)

But, behold…

How To Benefit 2-10x From An Email Player’s Subscription:

I wrote a badass sales page for a client. He paid big bucks, and I’ve got a royalty agreement in place.

Problem is: after the initial launch, this typical shiny-object-obsessed client focused his attention on “other projects”

Projects that didn’t involve me.

He went cold on me. And while I enjoyed the retainer/royalty agreement – money for nothing is a poor business strategy.

My devious solution?

Get him to subscribe to good ol’ elBenbo’s Email Players Newsletter.

Without ME having to convince him of his silly ways, he’s now given me a raise – both because now I’m writing his daily emails and in the backend because we’re making more overall sales.

All without me having to talk him into another project or tell him directly.

Anyway, this Christmas, the gift comes back to the giver. This “swipe and deploy” strategy can be very lucrative for the copywriter who’s about to get canned because his clients aren’t as focused on the big picture as they are.

Something more:

There’s been a pleasant trend afoot with copywriters, coaches, and other service providers insisting their clients subscribe to “Email Players”. (The above is just one of many, and one of my subscribers even gifts it to her best clients.)

Speaking of clients:

The February issue goes to the printer soon.

It’s got all kinds of ideas (proven) on how to attract, make more fees from, and get along better with high quality clients (while SPURNING the low quality ones).

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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