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Last week got some cool props on Facebook.

It was from one Caliban Darklock.

And, he posted an image of his inbox, of the emails he sees upon rising each day, with all the other names blurred out except mine, implying that he just looks at the name and knows he wants to read it — regardless of the subject line.

He then elaborated:

“And here’s the fun part: I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a single email from Ben Settle where he ISN’T selling something. He emails every day and sells me something every day and I still open his emails every day. And not ONCE have I ever screwed up my face and said “he just wants to sell me something.”

A very important lesson is contained in this.

Did you catch it?


Then, I will burp it out:

When you do email right (and, let’s face it, hardly anyone does — mostly emails are deleted on sight unless the writer gets lucky with a subject line that touches a nerve), you will find:

1. Your subject line is almost irrelevant for many readers

(As far as them opening it)

2. Few people delete your emails

3. You can pitch, and pitch every. single. time… and nobody weeps and gnashes their teeth over it. In fact, people look forward to it, enjoy reading it, and, if they are ready, will buy from it — cheerfully, and anxiously.

In fact, another comment Lindsay Shearer commented:

(in the same thread)

“I don’t even see the headlines half the time I just see Ben’s name and think to myself what are we getting ourselves into today . Epic”

That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

Now, before a marketing fanboy bursts an artery over this:

I’m not saying subject lines aren’t important.

They are.

Not just for newer subscribers who haven’t been sufficiently indoctrinated into your wicked ways… but for people who love your emails but are so busy they are tempted to save them to another folder “for later” (which may or may not happen in the hustle and bustle of the day). And for them, you want the subject line to get them so curious they can’t put it aside, even if they desperately need to.

What can I say?

I take pride in ruining people’s productivity…

So obviously you want to have irresistible subject lines, too.

Aaaaaand that brings us to the pitch:

Enter the May “Email Players” issue.

I included 2 (count ’em… 2) powerful subject line resources.

One of them is a subject line “template” of sorts that, if you use it (and it admittedly takes balls, if you’re scared of your list, you won’t do it) it is almost guaranteed to get your email opened by anyone on your list who still has a pulse.

And the other?

That’s a tail for a future email.

(But it’s a doozy, based on click bait.)

Anyway, she goes to print in a couple weeks.

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Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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