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Your Daily Email Addiction

File under: Email Marketing

In which the question is asked…

“you recommend emailing everyday. but how do you keep generating content ideas in order to make it happen?”

A good question.

Here’s the way I see it:

If you’re positioning yourself as an expert (or even an ex-spurt) or a leader in your market… and don’t have something (anything) to say each day… then mayhaps you’re not the expert/leader you say you are.

Hey, don’t take this personally.

Consider it a challenge.

A challenge to study your market harder.

Dig more into your product’s benefits and applications.

And gain a deep (not shallow — like most people selling online) understanding of your competition, your market’s psychology (you have done a psyche profile of your market, right…?) and all the things that make you the best person to buy from or hire.


Plus, you KEEP stuffing your mind with other facts and info.

Things unrelated to your business.

As the great copywriter Gene Schwartz taught, you keep feeding your mind with anything that will stick.

Then what happens?

All that info mixes in your mind.

Ideas pop out of nowhere.

And you start writing about things nobody else has even thought of before, making you an original voice that demands to be heard.

Getting ideas is no longer the problem.

It’s REMEMBERING them all.

Yeah, it’s work.

Weeks and months (and years) of work.

And it’s ongoing — you NEVER stop the process.

But this is what separates the men from the boys, and what will make emails flow out of you as naturally as BS flows from a goo-roo’s lips.

As for the “how tos'” of email…

That’s where “Email Players” comes in.

No, it’s not cheap.

And it’s not for the lazy.

It’s also not for people who are easily offended.

In fact, case in point:

The February issue is probably going to be controversial to anyone who is politically correct or doesn’t like when I teach business and marketing lessons drawn from my experiences selling in (and participating in) the dating market.

(I didn’t pick Valentine’s Day month to teach it for nuttin.)

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Ben Settle

  • Book & Tabloid Newsletter Publisher
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