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There are certain movies I’ve profited from immensely over the years.

Some have obvious “how to” lessons.

Others are a bit more esoteric, but all can bring far more money, sales, influence, and overall dominance in your market than you are getting now.

One of these movies is:

“Cinderella Man”

It’s based on the true-life story of Depression-era ex-boxer James J. Braddock (played by Russell Crowe) who works as a day laborer until his former manager Joe Gould (played by Paul Giamatti) offers him a one-time slot against a rising young contender. After he wins a shocking upset he wasn’t “supposed” to win (and was to be a fall guy), Braddock goes back into the ring full time, to ultimately fight the villainous champ Max Baer — known for literally killing his opponents in the ring.

It’s one of my all-time favorite movies.

And, this is especially due to it showing the power of Keeping Up Appearances.

There are two scenes in particular that illustrate this.

The most powerful is when Braddock is fighting one of the highest ranking boxers in the world. He takes a devastating hit to his face, with the impact so hard, it knocks his mouthpiece out. To which, enduring near intolerable pain, Jim merely smiles at him.

Added to which what his cut man Joe Gould tells him to do when he goes to his corner.

Not sit down.

Not rest.

Not even spit in a bucket, I don’t think.

No, he says:

“Don’t sit down. You’re not tired. You’re fine.” He also waves off the sponge man with the bucket and water. Then he tells Braddock, while looking at his opponent. “Shake your head like you don’t need it. You don’t want it. Yeah, now he’s gonna wonder “if Braddock is such an old man, why is he still standing. Why is he still coming at me?”

The result?

This top ranked boxer, who just gave his very best, to this old man underdog who should have gone down… is completely psychologically beaten & intimidated.

You’ll have to see the movie to watch what happens next.

But, I’ll just say this:

It’s one of the single greatest success lessons I’ve seen from Hollywood.

It’s also a shining example of the power of Keeping Up Appearances.

There’s another, more obvious example of this in the movie, too.

But if you want to mess with your competition… while actually being the successful boy or ghoul you want everyone to think you are on social media and giving yourself an advantage over every single business you ever compete against for the rest of your days, master the art and craft of Keeping Up Appearances. Especially when you are at your lowest, most dejected, and blackest hour, when people think you are beaten.

Always keep up appearances, my little fledgling.

Nobody else is, I can assure you.

Especially people on social media who always eventually crack when under enough pressure and start complaining about their lives, their setbacks, and their problems.

Don’t be that guy or ghoul.

Be better…

Okay, enough spit bucket water for the soul.

I have a list of movies I’ve drawn lessons from like this.

Lessons that, if you watch and apply, can be some of the most valuable business & overall success educational experiences you will ever get anywhere else, including in high-priced courses, programs, and seminars.

And the February “Email Players” issue contains said list.

Specifically, in the bonus elBenbo’s Lair insert, along with the main take-away I got.

There are 6 such movies on this list.

And if you want to have a figurative “Movie Night With elBenbo”, simply watch these movies, have your antenna up for lessons like the above while watching them, and you’d have to be nearly brain dead not to make yourself better at virtually everything you do in business — whether writing emails and sales copy or intimidating your competition.

The deadline to get this issue is coming up fast.

Here’s the link:

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