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I recently read a story about how there are now fact checkers who are fact checking the fact checkers in the news business.

In other words:

The left proclaimed themselves “fact checkers.”

Now, the right is proclaiming themselves the “fact checkers” of the left’s fact checking.

Anyway, there’s a huge upside to you and me from this:

All this fake new rhetoric is only showing just how controlled and manipulated information is and always has been. For vast majority of people, as long as “their side” says something (even if demonstrably fake) it’s true. If the “other side” says something (even if demonstrably true) it must be fake.

Same mentality carries over into business and marketing.

Here’s what I mean:

If you understand how to write emails that position yourself so with your list you’re “their guy” or “their girl”, your marketing’s job is a helluva lot easier than if you have the usual boring, lukewarm positioning everyone else has. It’s also why people who read (with understanding) the April “Email Players” issue (today’s the deadline to subscribe to get it) will have a huge advantage because of this — as it demonstrates a way of doing emails that naturally makes people choose a side (to be on your “side”) without you having to tell them to, without posturing, without beating your chest about what you believe or how great you are, or without any grandstanding whatsoever. It’s even worked to bring people over to “my side” from someone else’s side who had previously despised me.

And, you want to know something?

There’s no reason it won’t be the same for anyone else who uses the info.

Key word is “uses.”

All right, enough.

I’m sending the April issue to the printer later today.

If you’re not on board before then, it’ll be too late.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

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