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Couple weeks ago I read about Fox New’s new goal:

To get their advertising time down from 13 minutes to 2 minutes per hour.

Hopefully this becomes a new trend with all the networks.


Well, I haven’t read Investors Business Daily in a long time. But, from what I remember, this is somewhat similar to their ad model of less ads at a higher price, with more content in the publication. That means, the advertising costs more, but the response is higher for advertisers, with way less competition, and a better experience for consumers.

I remember Gary Halbert talking about this years ago.

Specifically, about newspaper advertising.

And, how he made way more profit advertising in the thin (but expensive) publications like IBD (vs Wall Street Journal) and Tuesday newspapers vs the thick Sunday newspapers full of advertising everyone was competing in. I know I’d much rather (for example) pay a premium to have a solo mailing where all they see is my offer, than be competing with other advertisers just to save a few shillings.

In fact, I implemented a version of this principle in Email Players this year.

(With how I used to back end sell products.)

The result?

Has been 9-10 times (no exaggeration) more profit each month so far.

And you know what?

I explain exactly what changes I’ve made, why I made them, and how you can use the same principle with your business (regardless of what you sell) inside the April “Email Players” issue that I’m sending to the printer this weekend.

I won’t say this part is “mind blowing” info.

(The most profitable information rare is mind blowing — usually it’s quite dull.)

But, it is profitable.

Chances are, you’re not doing it.

But, if you did, you’d see a fat bump in profits.

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