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Was wondering when someone would ask this…

“Ben, why not sell a smaller ticket newsletter and get more subscribers you can sell more back end products to? I don’t really understand your logic with this it looks like you want more upfront sales at the expense of more back end sales where the real money is made.”

Two answers:

1. There is no “one size fits all” way to sell a newsletter

2. For me, it comes down to this quote I saw yesterday:

“I’d rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies”

The quote was talking about friends.

(i.e. having a few high quality and trustworthy friends, versus lots of backstabbing and unreliable friends — quarters vs pennies).

But, it applies to customers, too.

For example:

I used to sell a low ticket newsletter.

It was called “The Crypto Marketing Newsletter”.

And, it lasted exactly 30 issues.

I had lots of fun writing it.

Many subscribers profited immensely from it.

And, I recently compiled them into a big (expensive) book that will be for sale eventually (charter “Email Players” subscribers — i.e. those who joined when it first launched in August 2011 and stuck around for the first 24 issues — recently got it free. I take care of my boys and girls…)

But, guess what?

It was only $27/month.

Thus, it attracted lots of bottom feeders.

Lots of price shoppers.

And, lots of time wasters and do-nothings.

Not so “Email Players”.

It’s over 3x’s as expensive as Crypto.

Yet, it has TWICE as many subscribers as “Crypto” had at its peak subscriber rate, and with far LESS cancelations and none of the bottom feeder drama queenery low ticket products attract. Plus, they are more eager to buy my back end products than Crypto subscribers were.

(I guess my stuff works…)


I had a LOT of great Crypto subscribers.

But, overall they didn’t implement info like my Email Players do.

Frankly, the off-the-wall sales gains some of these guys get make me think I’m underpaid sometimes.

Take subscriber Chris Brown, for example.

(Whazzup Chris?)

He recently told me he sold 17 copies of a $997.00 program — just shy of $17k in sales in a single week — using my system. (Think he’d have made that much selling a $19 eBook…) He also said my methods trump anything he’s tried.

Best part:

He said it only takes him 10 minutes per day and he’s done.

I can’t make you any specific promises, obviously.

So let’s keep this in context.

It also takes work learning my system.

(And lots of writing…it’s not “overnight”.)

But, that’s an example of what I mean about a quarter subscriber vs a penny subscriber. A quarter implements. A penny complains about things like info overload… or the newsletter not being thick enough (when they haven’t even implemented the 16 pages they got)… or it not being what they were expecting… or whatever excuse they can drum up for their inactivity.

(Spin little hamsters spin… heh)

Anyway, you can read about “Email Players” here:

Crap… I’m pitching now, ain’t I?


Let’s get back on point:

Having 4 quarters is better than 100 pennies.

Not only in business.

But in all of life, too.

(Friendships, carrying change, etc).

A philosophy to live by, my little droogie.

May it serve you well…

Ben Settle

  • Book & Tabloid Newsletter Publisher
  • Email Supremacist
  • Alt-Copywriter
  • Software Investor
  • Pulp Novelist

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