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If all the inflation and supply chains and wars and rumors of wars are nagging at your soul, making you worry, or even creating an outright panic… then maybe this email will help.

We shall see.

But following are some possible ways to help riiiide it all out:

  • Don’t launch any lower ticket new paper & ink informational products — the rapidly-rising printing, fulfillment (my printer just raised fulfillment charges nearly 10%, and it likely won’t stop there…), and shipping costs ain’t going to get any better, and probably will only get a whole lot worse.
  • Get as far away from big cities as you can — and if you stubbornly refuse to do that, at the very least get professional training on how to use a firearm.
  • Read the short book “The Dark Secrets of SHTF Survival: The Brutal Truth About Violence, Death, & Mayhem You Must Know to Survive” — especially if you are in a big city, if for no other reason it might persuade you to get as far away as possible from any big cities. Plus, it shows to an almost eerie level of detail how what the corporate media is doing right now is exactly what it always does right before civil wars happen.
  • Don’t sell prevention sell cures — i.e., sell solutions to a problem instead of selling solutions looking for a problem.
  • Read the book “You Have the Right to Remain Innocent” (if you live in the US) — pay attention to the chapter on the problems of taking the Fifth when talking to cops, government, bureaucrats, etc.
  • Read the book again — especially the last few chapters, and realize if your business pushes too hard against a sacred mainstream narrative you will almost certainly need the info in that book at some point.
  • Gird up thy loins for deflation — for when the enormous amounts of debt (the best analogy I once heard is, they aren’t “printing” money any more than Visa “prints” money when they give you a credit card and you use it) can’t all be repaid and is written off.
  • Respect the reason behind the “Cardio” Rule of Zombieland — “When the virus struck, for obvious reasons, the first ones to go were the fatties.” Many lessons and much context there, that have nothing to do with being in physical shape.
  • Stay off Facebook — and if you rely on that evil platform for leads, then that is a huge problem in and of itself, and should be dealt with immediately.
  • Turn off the news — would you spend even 30-seconds a day listening to a bald-faced liar you know is being paid to manipulate your thoughts, deeds, and hormones? Then why spend even 30-seconds a day watching the news?

Those are just a few ideas for riiiiding out inflation.

My favorite story about weathering bad economies:

Many years ago I (very briefly) had a job selling TV advertising.

The sales trainer told a story about when he was doing cold call selling during a really bad recession. Yet, in the office there was one guy who nobody considered to be that bright or great a salesman who was always coming in smiling and enjoying his job, and making lots of sales.

One day someone asked when he came in one day to work whistling and happy:

“Don’t you know there’s a recession going on?”

The guy’s answer:

“We’re in a recession?”

Not listening to the news is truly a life hack…

Okay enough of this.

If you want to see what I am doing in my own business each month to riiiiide out all the nonsense going on in the world see the Email Players Newsletter.

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