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One thing you can sell via email a lot of people don’t realize can be done is music on podcasts. Or, even if they believe it can be done, don’t really know how to do it.

Thus, this question that rolled in:

My friends tell me there is no written content I could create to sell our music podcast via email.

I’m fairly certain they are wrong but I can’t figure out how yet.

Note that I’m not asking you to tell me *what* you would write to subscribers of the email list. Rather I just want to know: Can you think of a couple ways off the top of your head that would allow an email marketer to market a podcast?

Survey says —


It can be done.

And, it can be done rather in the same manner one of the world’s greatest copywriters once sold music via direct response. In this case, the copywriter had to sell a bunch of records (this was back in the day when people bought records, but it applies just as much, if not more to digital music). And, after he finished panicking at his assignment since he had only sold information until then, he used the secret found on pages 13 & 14 in the September “Email Players” issue.

And the rest was history.

Yes, I will tell you who this copywriter was in the September issue.

And, yes, what he did doesn’t just apply to music.

I use it to sell everything (information, non-information, physical products, supplements, and everything and anything else I’ve ever sold) I sell, and you can, too.

You just have to know the ins-and-outs of this “secret.”

(Which isn’t really all that much a secret, but it might as well be so few do it.)

You can read all about it in the September issue.

That is, if you are subscribed before the deadline in a couple days.

Here’s the link:

Ben Settle

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  • Email Specialist

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