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One of the first big “ah-HA!” moments I ever had about copywriting was when I read the late, great Eugene Schwartz talk about how a sales letter is the “functional” product, sent out in front of the physical product.

In other words:

Sales copy (when done right) is what a product does.

Not what it “is.”

So, for example, if I write an email talking about the August “Email Players” issue, I would be a fool to talk about the paper it is printed on, the color of the ink, etc. Instead, if I’m smart, I’ll talk about what it does and stick in the craw of their psychology.

Gene Schwartz called them:


Take a dog, for example.

A dog is an animal with 4 legs, a heart, a tail, fur, etc.

Those facts do nothing for you.

But talking about how a dog will be waiting for you at the door when you arrive and lick your face when you had a bad day is a does’ie.

It’s something the dog does for you.

And here’s something else:

Another big “ah-HA!” moment I had (even more Valuable than the Gene Schwartz lesson above) was when I learned the secret persuasion “law” talked about in the upcoming August “Email Players” issue.

Something that:

Works even if your writing skills are weak

  • Lets you write copy people can’t “un-read” (another way to stick in the craw of their psychology)
  • If you tell stories, it will be like putting those stories on steroids as far as their persuasive power goes
  • Was used by some of the most persuasive and influential people who ever lived (including the people who founded the the United States up through some of the most effective sales and marketing people today)
  • Can be used in any of your marketing: sales copy, emails, PPC ads, social media, public speaking, videos, all of it
  • Is demonstrated with lots of examples in the August issue

It goes to the printer in a few short days.

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Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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