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One of the most powerful tools of persuasion for email, sales copy, social media, podcasting, or anything else is…


It’s truly an art and craft.

(Not so much a science.)

But hold on a second…

I’m not talking about trolling in the typical trolling way. I am not, for example, saying to behave like some omega male loser living in his mom’s basement eating cheetos and watching pourno in between anonymously trolling people on social media with a cartoon of a bug as a profile image.

I’m talking about trolling in a completely different way.

A way that will polarize your market (zero indifference to you).

Can potentially get you far more traffic (if you hit on the right nerves).

And, will create a brand your most passionate and ardent followers and customers will not only continue buying from, but brag about buying from.

I’ve studied this for years.

And, I’ve done it for almost as long.

(I do it in my emails all the time, many are my most profitable ones, too.)

And guess what?

In the April “Email Players” issue, I show you examples of how to troll in a way that brings you lots of sales, prestige, influence, and customers in various different media, including sales letters, emails, Facebook, Twitter, and even press releases (which can get you booked not only on mainstream media, but podcasts, which, I believe, are even better for most people as far as list building).

These examples are easily “modeled” for whatever you sell.

And, will be waiting patiently for you when the April issue mails next month.

Time is getting short, though.

To make sure you’re on the list in time, go here:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
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  • Email Specialist

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