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Last month I mentioned a book I had read called:

“My First Million”

It’s by the great Matt Furey and, one of the (many) valuable lessons in that book isn’t even necessarily taught in it, it’s something you can observe when you hold it in your hot little hands.

And that valuable lesson is, the entire book is one long interview transcript.

Some people (especially review trolls) whine about books that are interviews.

But, ignore those scoffers.

Those are almost always losers who know they are never going to implement anything they learn or leave their mom’s basements (literally or figuratively, or both…), and so they blame the format of what they read on their failure to act, instead of their own inner-laziness & self-loathing psyches that are the true culprits keeping them down.


I have entire books that are essentially just interviews (either me being interviewed or me interviewing other people), that continue to bring my sometimes-righteously obnoxious self many new names on my email list, many new sales, and many new business opportunities, and have for years.

Still more:

Turning podcasts you are interviewed on into books is just one of many ways to monetize and get lots of long term list-building “mileage” out of shows you are interviewed on. And, in the March “Email Players” issue (on pages 9-10) I show you 7 quick & simple ways I use to turn my podcast interviews — big and small shows — into sales, into a bigger email list with lots of buyers (and not just freebie seekers), as well as into a steady, long-term method for getting traffic to my website, boosting my brand & credibility, and making business a lot more fun experience.

Podcasts are the best long-term list-building method I’ve ever used.

But, only because I do many things other people aren’t doing, and, from what I can tell, aren’t even thinking about doing.

All of which are revealed in this next issue.

But, I’m sending it to the printer soon.

After that, it’ll be too late to get it.

Here’s the link if you want some:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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