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Once upon a time, your pal elBenbo had part ownership in a business selling eBooks in the weight loss market.

I did all the emails and sales copy.

My pal Jim Yaghi did all the traffic and lead generation.

And, according to Jim, my emails and sales letters converted over 40% of our list into some kind of buyer. It was probably a lot more than that, in hindsight, because we also sold a lot of Kindle books, too, and we couldn’t track those sales.

Anyway, why am I telling you this?

To brag?

Pound my chest?

Show off?

Well, yes, of course.

But also because I want to tell you about *what* I did to get these results that anyone — newbie or pro — can also do, to convert more leads into buyers. And what I did was use a special kind of market research that had nothing to do with being on anyone else’s lists to see what they were doing (I wasn’t on anyone’s list in that market — and even actively avoided them), nothing to do with using a swipe file, and nothing to do with creating big, outrageous claims.

If anything, the emails were sorely lacking in benefits.

And, our sales letters were super “crude.”

(i.e. no graphics or even before-and-after pics)

But the secret I used to convert all these leads like this was much easier than you probably think. And, a year or so after selling my share in the business, I let one of my consulting clients in the same market use one of the most profitable of those emails I wrote however he wanted.

The result of this one email for his business?

Well, I’ll let you see it in his own words:

“[The email you gave us] put us in 1st place on this launch and doubled our sales on day 2. unheard of in our industry. All the big guys are blown away that we’re only sending 1x per day…hitting unopens in the afternoon and crushing them on salezzz…. They’re all sending 2-3x per day and they still can’t keep up!”

What made this email so responsive for him?

The answer is the way I researched the market.

A way I talk about in detail in the bonus “Ravings of an Adman” insert in the upcoming February “Email Players” issue.

It’s so simple, too.

Which is probably why so few people do it.

Or, bother to do it correctly.

The deadline to get the February issue is in just a couple days.

The main issue is all about building an email list — specifically a way I use to get large “spurts” of subscribers that are several cuts above (in terms of quality) most other lead gen methods I’ve used, and that costs nothing to do, but does take time, patience, and the work.

The link to get this issue in time is here:

Ben Settle

  • Book & Newsletter Tabloid Publisher
  • Email Supremacist
  • Anti-Professional
  • Pulp Novelist
  • Alt-Copywriter

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