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Behold this email I got from a Mr. Jeffery Harbin a couple weeks ago when I wrote about why people who need money back guarantees are not to trusted:

Hi Ben.

Thought you might enjoy this story, seeing as it is topical.

A year ago I canceled all my MBGs and quintupled all my product prices at the same time. Selling far less these days, making far more, and have almost no customer service issues. Seems people who pay top dollar don’t waste a lot of time bitching about the small stuff. However, one dude sent me an email almost word for word to your guy, saying not offering a MBG was tantamount to fraud. My reply was “Fine. Don’t buy it.” A week later he bought. Two months later I get a message from my c/c vendor he’d filed a claim that his account was hacked and the purchase was unauthorized. I sent my c/c guy a copy of the email exchange I had with him (I am an obsessive email saver). Case closed. Refund denied.

There are two powerful forces at work in what he said.

The first, is the surface-level info about the giant changes he made in his business to get giant results.

And the second force?

He knowingly or unknowingly tapped into an extremely profitable concept that anyone who reads the upcoming April “Email Players” issue will recognize and, hopefully, start applying to their own businesses as fast as possible.

The concept is not “raise all you prices!” or whatever.

It’s much deeper than that.

And, applies to most anything you ever do in business the rest of your life.

This is why I said the other day, I think the April “Email Players” issue could very well be the most overall valuable issue to date.

Only time will tell.

And, only for those who are subscribed in time to read it.

Go here to subscribe while there’s still time before the approaching deadline:

Ben Settle

P.S. Alex from Sweden asks a good question:

“My guess is that your upcoming issue is going to be talking about going against the grains of what other people are doing. Zigging when everyone else is zaggin, like Andre Chaperon likes to say. Am I close?”

I like the zig while everyone is zagging concept.

Been doing it for nearly 20 years.

As have many smart people I know.

But, that is not what the April issue is about. It is related to to that, and also breaking rules, etc, I suppose. Those are the themes of nearly every issue and product I create, in some way, shape, or form. And in fact, small-thinkers who read it will almost surely yammer on about how they “already know this! It is not new! Give me something new!”, while they proceed to not do it, proceed not to think more deeply than “be different” about it, and proceed to whip up excuses about why they can’t do what I suggest inside the issue to protect their egos because they know they might fail if they attempt it.

My guess is this:

Out of the nearly 800 people who will get this issue, maybe 10 people will do it to the level I suggest, and not just do it in a superficial way that still feels comfortable.

Out of those 10, five will do it enough to make some decent money.

Four will do it to make a lot of it.

And maybe only one – probably a small, “nobody” in their industry/niche now – will take it, think deeply about it, implement it to the most radical degree they possibly can, and make an obscene number of sales with it.

Zig while others zag?

Breaking rules?

Good things to do, and practically mandatory these days, at least to some degree.

But the concept inside the April issue goes way beyond those things.

May get you laughed at by certain peers.

Mocked by gurus and “influencers” who are more interested in applause than payment.

And, given unsolicited advice by those who observe what you do without context.


I cannot guarantee what I teach in this issue will work for you much less “wow” you.

I only know it has worked like crazy for me, and was a big “Ah ha!” moment when I first heard it.

And, the entire issue is not a “what to do”  teaching.

Nor is it a checklist to follow.

It is merely an idea, along with a detailed explanation of how I am using it, so you can see what it looks like. But every business is different, every industry is different, and everyone who applies it must do it different and think deeply about it so it makes sense for their unique goals and situation.

Just blindly doing everything I am doing with it will backfire.

But using the concept with wisdom?

With some deep thinking?

And with some guts?

Well, I believe it can radically change  businesses.

Radically change sales.

And, yes, even radically change lives.

Or not.

It could also radically fail, too.

The only way to know is to subscribe before the looming deadline, keep an open mind when reading it, and then apply it, even if (especially if) it is uncomfortable.

Here is the link:

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