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That is to say, blatantly transparent.

Today is the deadline to get the February “Valentines Day” Email Players issue, and below is the blatant and transparent sales pitch for what you get:

  • Why there is more sales (and lovin’) in seeking disapproval than seeking approval.
  • A client “break up” insurance plan so you don’t panic or go belly up in your business if you lose your clients and customers all at once.
  • The “for real” law of attraction you’ll never see the crystal-worshipping shrews & mush cookies on flakebook talk about in their boring videos and livestreams.
  • The dead comedian’s secret to making your emails (1) far more interesting than everyone else you compete with in the inbox (2) practically unforgettable and (3) likely to nab you war more sales than you’re getting now.
  • What the unpopular Star Wars character Jar Jar Binks can teach you about making yourself more attractive to women and also clients/customers.Why so many email marketers get “friend zoned” by their lists and clients. (With their audiences saying how much they looooove their emails and content, but still buying from someone else.)
  •  The secret of the middle aged mush cookie who picked up the 23-year old hottie (and the startlingly profitable business lesson embedded within what he did.)
  • How to instantly calm an angry client (or woman).
  • Why not caring if someone buys or hires you is like “catnip” to the best clients and customers… and a secret way of making sure people know you don’t care that’s been used by master negotiators for centuries. (While your insecure facebook friends are loudly pounding their chests about how they “HAVE ZERO FUGKS TO GIVE!”, simply do this and make them all look like the posers they are, with you being the only choice to buy from.)
  • How to trigger a (healthy) “jealousy reflex” in your woman to keep her from getting out of line and causing you drama. (Full disclosure: This won’t work for women to keep their unruly men in line — it’ll do the opposite — but for guys, this will do more for your “relationship management” than all the relationship counseling, game-playing, or dorky Dr. Phil sooth-saying in the world.)
  • How to get almost instant obedience from your woman… and your clients.
  • The biggest branding mistake copywriters who work for well-known companies often commit. (And an example of a copywriter who works for big companies, but brilliantly keeps his personal brand in everyone’s psyche.)
  • What to do if you’re a man who always ends up with low class jackasses, and wants to be with a higher quality person for a change. (I learned this from an old, not-for-sale, and almost impossible-to-find Dan Kennedy recording, and it works for getting the best clients and customers, too.)
  • And a ho bunch more…

Plus, I’m including a bonus insert training titled:

“How Neediness Is Choking Your Bank Account — While Strangling Your Attractiveness To The Opposite Secks!”

A fun time will be had by all with this.

But, only if you’re subscribed to my “Email Players” before I send it to the printer today.

Here’s the link to get it while you still can:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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