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A while back, I was informed about yet another gaggle of goo-roo chasers on social media proclaiming email is…


Now, I don’t know if they are doing this for shock effect. Or because they are simply devoid of ideas and see everyone else using a “death of” theme in their headlines and subject lines and titles. Or because they can’t get off the social media crack pipe and need to believe email is dead to stop the maddening cognitive dissonance haunting their dreams of being Flakebook millionaires. My favorite boogyman like this I heard about was a year or so ago, and something about Google and Apple changing the way people can opt in using a “ghost” email address or something.

“Ghost email.”

How Halloween…

And how ironic, too.

Especially since I hear tell major email platforms like aweber, for example, are prepping to make it even harder to opt in to lists by banning role email addresses (i.e., “[email protected]…”, or “[email protected]…”, or “[email protected]…”, etc email addresses).

Something I’m happily looking forward to.

In fact, I’ll be even more aggressively than that blocking fake and “throw away” email addresses to my own opt-in process soon, to coincide with the launch of my new & improved free Ben Settle mobile app.

More on that in the very near future.

Whatever the case:

Email ain’t dead yet.

And I doubt it’s going anywhere any time soon, either.

But, even if it did, so what?

Writing emails will sharpen (like a stake!) your other communication skills (speaking, writing, editing, etc). Every email you write, makes you better, even if incrementally, until, over time, your abilities compound on themselves and your competition is still running around playing with the newest bright shiny object they saw in a flakebook ad.

So you win either way, Count Chokula.

But, I would not fret about it.

Email supposedly “dies” all the time.

Been hearing about its impending demise since the early 2000’s. But until it’s been staked, beheaded, its mouth stuffed with garlic, and the ground around it heavily salted, it’ll just keep coming back anyway…

So go forth and profit from email.

It’s free to use (basically).

Works FAST.

And, you can learn how it’s done at:

Ben Settle

P.S. Another thing that is supposedly dead is print books & print newsletters. Something I prove nearly every day is a silly assertion, and a complete & utter lie.

And to prove it, I am launching my newest book later this month to the public:

“elBenbo Press”

It is my entire high-end book & newsletter publishing model on a plate. And naturally, I’ll be sending a lot of emails about it when it happens.

All of which will further prove the reports about the death of this great marketing media are greatly exaggerated.

  • Book & Tabloid Newsletter Publisher
  • Email Supremacist
  • Alt-Copywriter
  • Software Investor
  • Pulp Novelist

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