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There are 3 persuasion tactics I believe work above all others.

I have personally used & tested each thoroughly over the years.

And, I have yet to see them not work over and above all others — especially over the fancy closes, NLP one-liners, & objection-handling techniques used by the Zig Ziglar fanboys.

Anyway, these 3 tactics are:

1. Damaging admissions

This is where you find a flaw in your product and service and admit it. Something the late advertising mogul David Ogilvy used to play like a fiddle in his own ads, and mandated his employees do at every opportunity.

Difficulty to pull of: Not very difficult at all, which is the beauty of it

2. Make the skeleton dance

This is something the great sales trainer Barry Maher worked out years ago, and is where you spin flaws about what you offer into benefits & reasons to buy.

Difficulty to pull off: Usually extremely difficult, which is why it’s so rare

As for the #3:

It’s a topic I wrote about in detail in the January 2020 “Email Players” issue.

An issue that generated many testimonials and case studies from other Email Players of the Horde who started using it in everything from their sales letters and emails to their marriages and love lives (it is, frankly, how I closed Stefania, when I possessed probably none of the traits on her “Checklist” of things she was looking for in a man.) In my own businesses, in just the past 12 months alone, I have also used this persuasion tactic to write the sales copy & emails to launch two offers to the tune of the two most successful launches of my entire business career (when launching Learnistic & when launching my “elBenbo Press” book).

Which brings me to the rub:

The January 2021 “Email Players” issue.

I revisit this topic again inside its crisp white pages.

But, this time, I show many more examples to model & adapt & be inspired by… including the above Email Players of the Horde examples (with their permission) and how I’ve used it in the two above launches, amongst other examples to mine for your own business.


This tactic can be used universally.

With the exception of certain low class markets (like biz opp and “make money online” type offers, where I admittedly have seen it backfire and NOT work), it works across the board in all kinds of markets, niches, industries, and product categories to create customers but who tend to be a much higher quality & caliber to the point where sometimes they even thank you for doing it in many cases.

Best part:

You don’t need any special talents or powers of copywriting, selling, or marketing to use it.

In fact, the weaker your skills, the better it tends to work.

(I have many theories on why, but that’s a tale for another time.

All right, so that’s that.

If you want in on the January issue, here’s what to do:

1. Go to the URL below before the looming 12/31/20 deadline

2. Read the sales letter carefully

3. Patiently wait for your first issue

Here’s the URL:

Ben Settle

  • Book & Tabloid Newsletter Publisher
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