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“The plaque for the alternates is down in the ladies’ room.”

— Ice Man
Top Gun

Came a question a while back I’ve been saving for today:

“… on many lists and see lot of experts saying they are THE person to learn from. Why u? Everyone has testimonials and clams being the greatest. What makes u different? Do not take as trolling I am new trying to get handle on things thanks!”

I have no clue if I am or am not the “best” at whatever he’s asking I’m best at.

It’s all subjective.

And a lot of it is based on pure status & social media fanboy ranking anyway.

That’s literally the entire game these days.

But at the risk of sounding like a megalomaniacal techno-despot:

I can say what at least makes me *different* from everyone else in this game.

And that is:

I’m reinventing our industry in my own image.

How successful I’ll ultimately be at this still remains to be seen.

But forget for a second the 10,000+ pages (not even slightly exaggerated) of written content I’ve pounded out between my books (with yet another being written now), blogs, emails… and the hundreds of hours of combined audio/video content in high-priced programs, trainings, etc I have out there.

The guy above is right:

Anyone can pump out content, it’s no big deal.

Forget the laundry list of A-player testimonials I have curated over the years.

He’s right about that, too, as everyone’s got testimonials.

And forget the even longer list of success stories between those listed on my site and that I’ve dropped in emails over the years, from people telling me all the successes their businesses had using whatever it is I taught them from whatever book or program they bought and learned from me via.

Just doing the work can move mountains.

So forget all that for just a moment.

They are all meaningless metrics for this sort of thing anyway.

So I argue what I ultimately do for our industry goes way beyond “email.”

Or “copywriting.”

Or “marketing” & “business.”

For example:

  • While the the endless crop of social media experts spend all day whoring out their data to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Whatever haunting those platforms… I co-designed & built and single-handedly financed the startup of — our own social media platform (SocialLair).
  • While the content ex-spurts are spanking out videos about content creation, how to create content, how to sell content & be a content creator… I invested nearly half a million smackeroos of my own money into a mobile app platform designed & created for content creation & distribution (Learnistic) using mobile app technology.
  • While every online marketing expert and their mother is debating about what the best shopping cart is, we’re over here building our own online marketer’s “wet dream” cart platform that should be ready for the public to use some time next year.
  • While a bunch of marketers are just now starting to dabble with text message marketing… I’m already over here with Troy Broussard helping design (and will be soon using next year for our own businesses) a fully integrated, multi-media messaging app for businesses that could make mere text message marketing look as archaic as FAX on demand.
  • While copywriters & so-called influencers are on stage at seminars grandstanding about the importance of “storytelling!”… I’ve written 8 novels (my Enoch Wars saga — the first novel already being turned into a graphic novel and soon a screenplay I’ll be shopping around next year), with a second fictional universe (of epic fantasy novels) on the way.
  • Instead of mindlessly debating politics online all day… I’ve been asked to help one of my friends run for state senator in whatever ways (big or small — probably small, but still…) he can use the help, after asking me to advise his campaign on marketing strategy.
  • And most important of all…

While other email guys are pounding their chests on social media about how great their emails are, about all their clients’ test results, and about their so-called open rates, click rates, split testing data, & what the supposedly *best* email broadcasting/autoresponder platform is… I have financed (with money made from, yes… sending emails selling my own offers to my own lists…), co-designed, & co-built with the world’s greatest marketing email automation specialist our own email platform called —


In other words:

I’m not just selling info and using other business’ platforms.

I’m building & selling entire media platforms paid for by the profits and based on the experiences I’ve gained via *using* email marketing & copywriting (selling my own offers, at my own risk and at my own expense, not at some client’s expense & risk) day in and day out — for longer than a lot of these other various ex-spurts have probably even been online.

All right, that’s my answer to what makes me different.

Take it for what it’s worth.

But that hopefully answers that question.

  • Book & Tabloid Newsletter Publisher
  • Email Supremacist
  • Alt-Copywriter
  • Software Investor
  • Pulp Novelist

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