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Your Daily Email Addiction

Well, maybe not technically “emails.”

But, the late, great Mad Man advertiser Leo Burnett (who opened his now-world famous agency in the depths of the Great Depression…) gave the best case for daily email contact back in 1960 in a piece he wrote for an organization called “Outdoor Report.”

Here is what the great Chicago advertising genius said:

“… the No. 1 factor in building confidence is the plain old-fashioned matter of friendly familiarity. You simply can’t have one without the other…When you meet a man on the same street corner every morning and learn to like the way he smiles, the way he dresses, and the way he conducts himself you are much more likely to be a prospect for the automobile or the insurance policy he may sometime want to sell you than you are for that of a stranger.”

What better way to do that today than daily email…

He continues with another zinger…

“I have sometimes felt that some of the early great commercial reputations in this country were due more to the fact that Cyrus H. K. Curtis made the advertisers buy a minimum number of insertions in The Saturday Evening Post and the Ladies’ Home Journal at regular intervals than to the type of copy employed.”

What’s that?

Structure (regular & consistent contact) is more important than creative?

You don’t say…

Please, tell us more, Master Burnett:

“The same was true of network radio in its earlier days with its built-in requirement of continuity; and certainly the TV advertisers who have reaped the greatest rewards from this medium were those who have used it with the greatest consistency.”

Translation for the goo-roo fanboy:

Your holy “internet” ain’t any different than other media that came before.

The laws of direct response marketing transcend media.

And, they always will.

Things ain’t “different” online, they’re only faster & cheaper.


“Attitudes and convictions about products and companies do not spring into your mind full-blown, no matter what the stimulus. They grow.”

More translation:

One email per month, per week, or whenever you “feel” like it ain’t gonna cut it.

That is, if you want an ever-strengthening relationship with your list.

So much wisdom.

All ignored by the social media-addicted masses.

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  • Book & Tabloid Newsletter Publisher
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