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When I put a call out to hire for Learnistic last month, I included this in the email:

+ Are not a low information person who uses terms like: “follow the science!” or “trust the plan!” or “the science is settled!” or “climate denier!” or “follow the process!” or “wear the mask!” etc. If you like to say or post such things on Facebook then it’s obvious you make decisions based on needy social media signaling, low IQ hashtag propaganda, or what hollow-minded media-created experts say… and not the scientific method all Learnistic employees are required to use (the app’s inventor, Troy Broussard, is a Navy Nuclear engineer, and mandates it) to help find software bugs, which is an extremely important part of the job. If this bothers, offends, or makes you go “huh?” that’s good. We just potentially saved both you and us a lot of time.

I included that for a multitude of reasons.

One of which was the delightful weeping & gnashing of teeth from the low information Facebook armchair scientists who think media created celebrities giving advice and nurses on TikTok doing a choreographed dance outside a hospital are “pRo sCiEnCe!”

I prefer they go haunt someone else and get away from my corner of the internet.

Which, I hope, many did after reading that email.


Another reason I want nothing to do with low information people as customers is their gullibility makes for terrible decision making. That’s why politicians who break their own stay-at-home orders and only wear masks for the TV cameras pander to them so aggressively. Why the media talking heads fool them so effortlessly. And why those who would sow discord in any organization – corporate or otherwise – manipulates them so deliberately.

All because low information = bad decision making.

Bad decision making = easily manipulated.

Easily manipulated = used & abused by horrible people to do equally horrible things.

In marketing the tells of low info bros are the blind, out-of-context use of terms like:

“sell the click!”

“open rates!”




“End your prices with a 7 or 9!”

And, that old chestnut… guru name dropping.

None of them are inherently bad or incorrect.

But the context behind how they are used could very well indicate low info.

For example:

When some rando pounding his chest on Facebook tells you to “split test it!” when you have a question, even though you only have a list of 13 people, any split test is all-but completely pointless. Not even worth your time to set the test up. You’d be much better served quickly writing an email or sending traffic to the thing you are wanting to split test just to see if your offer has any legs in the first place – and then use those sales to pay for more traffic or to build a bigger list you can perhaps do a real test with some day.

Same with the other one-liners marketers like to squawk & parrot.

Gullible marketers mindlessly fall for them all the time because their goo-roo told them to.

Some even foolishly wrap their entire business models around them.

Thus, we have an industry where, for example, almost everyone blindly ends all their pricing with a 7 or 9 just because. Why almost everyone foolishly obsesses over their so-called open rates vs focusing on writing better emails people want to open and read in the first place. And why almost everyone incorrectly thinks selling the click is the ideal way to build a long term, sustainable business, when almost the exact opposite is true.

Anyway, I don’t know where I’m going with this.

Except, maybe to say:

Whoever first said “in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king” wasn’t just whistlin’ yankee, it’s true across the board, in every market, niche, and product category.

On that note:

The persuasion technique taught in the January “Email Players” issue can give you that eye.

I would even go so far as to say you can be a complete newbie at copywriting & selling, and it can work for you to blast up response and sales, while creating a far better, higher quality, and more eager-to-consume what you sell customer or client.

The evil deadline to get this issue is practically here already.

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