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Your Daily Email Addiction

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“Email Players” subscriber & pizzeria owner Brad Davis chimes in:


If there’s one thing i learned from owning a restaurant for 10 years it was this:

Profit is directly related to the amount of facetime you get with your customers on a daily basis.

If you’re running it right, then you should get text messages from your regulars on your night off telling you they came in and missed seeing you.

When you stop getting text messages on your night(s) off then that means you’re taking too many and they’ve stopped expecting to see you.

Soon, they’ll stop coming in as often… or altogether.

And your sales will suffer.

Now I’m learning that daily email is the equivalent to facetime in the restaurant. In fact, I’d say it’s even more important for online businesses as it’s literally the only way to build and maintain a long term business relationship.

I’m loving your newsletters and books. Keep up the good work!

Just more proof of this undeniable fact:

Daily — not weekly, monthly, or when you are “inspired” — contact moves mountains. And it does it for no other reason than something the late, Chicago advertising genius Leo Burnett said many years ago.

He said in a speech:

“… the No. 1 factor in building confidence is the plain old-fashioned matter of friendly familiarity. You simply can’t have one without the other…When you meet a man on the same street corner every morning and learn to like the way he smiles, the way he dresses, and the way he conducts himself you are much more likely to be a prospect for the automobile or the insurance policy he may sometime want to sell you than you are for that of a stranger.”

All right, onward to the important stuff:

The pitch.

If you start applying what I teach in the January “Email Players” issue to your daily contact — emails, social media, videos, podcasts, blog, articles, whatever it is you like to do — I would be green money you’ll see a quick & dramatic “uptick” in new business, new sales, and new profits.

It’s by the far the most powerful persuasion tactic I use.

And, anyone can do the same.

That is, if you understand how it works.

Something the January issue teaches in spades.

Here’s where to subscribe in time to get it before the 12/31/20 deadline:

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