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Let’s rap about politics…

One of the most amusing things ever to happen in my lifetime was the election of Donald Trump. Even now, a year after his election, his enemies still have no idea why he won other than assuming his voter base is dumb or whatever, despite Trump having the mass media, the entire political establishment, and even his own party against him.

Now, for the record:

I did not vote for him.

(I wrote in my pick.)

But, I have learned I have to preface anything that is positive about the guy with that fact for those who get insanely emotional just reading about him, and would thus miss the Valuable lessons he freely gives away each day. It’s not unlike when I wrote a few years back in an Email Players issue about the smart things Obama did with his emails to get elected.

It completely irked some of his haters.

And, thus, they missed Valuable lessons.

Fact is, Trump teaches high-level persuasion lessons everyday for people intellectually honest enough to turn off their emotions about him, and look at it objectively.

Anyway, back at the Capitol:

One reason Trump won, and Hillary lost, and why I predict anyone who runs against Trump will lose in 2020 (barring him being found in bed with a farm animal or a similar scandal) is, because he does something hardly anyone in marketing either knows how to do or doesn’t have the nut sac to do.

Something any marketer can do to:

  • Make a lot of sales from your emails without making a single claim
  • Have a lot more fun writing your emails
  • Shift your market’s attention away from your competition and onto you and what you’re selling
  • Make what your competition is selling (even if it’s technically a superior product/service) suspect of whether it is what they say it is

Now, some more things to think about:

1. What I am talking about is completely unbecoming a president (or a professional business person if done the way Trump does it)

2. It works anyway

3. It won’t hurt your reputation or credibility at all with your best buyers — just the opposite

4. When you see what it is, if you still doubt it works, just remember how many of your Facebook friends declared Trump “finished!” when running for President. He was supposedly “done for!” only to emerge the winner practically every week. He got away with (and continues to get away with) all kinds of things that would bury less-experienced negotiators and businessmen than him.


This trick Trump uses can be applied to emails, sales copy, politics, anything where you want to win in the arena of ideas and gaining more customers. It can also be done in a way that is less abrasive than what Trump does, if you want. (Yes, even a mousey marketer who is scared of controversy can do it.) In fact, even hardcore liberals and democrats can use it (and a few of the more savvy ones when it comes to persuasion do, just not nearly as effectively as the Donald.)

Anyway, if you want to learn this trick, it’s in the March “Email Players” issue.

It’s something I do practically every week.

(And, since seeing Trump do it, I do it more often than ever, and sales have never been higher as a result — and I show 4 real life examples, from 4 different niches, to show you how simple it is.)

It’s something you can do, too.

But, only if you are subscribed before tomorrow’s looming deadline.

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Ben Settle

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  • Email Specialist

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