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An inspiring secret guru story for the ages:

A couple months ago, a (former) “Email Players” subscriber kept repeatedly nagging me to look up and document some information he could easily have done himself by going to the sales letter he bought from. And, I decided it was easier to simply cancel him than waste time with his constant pestering.

After which he spazzed out in magnificent secret guru glory:

you know I teach classes and have hundreds of students and I never refuse to answer a simple little question like I asked you.


I’ve seen your pictures and your a little bitch whose tune would drastically chance if we were face to face. You’re a coward who would never pull some sh—t like this if you were standing in person with me…

Hide behind your cowardly internet you faggot, because that is all you can do!

fuck off!
With Great Love & Respect,


The “Great Love & Respect” signature is priceless.

And that was just one of the drama queen emails my new pal sent.

But, what’s instructive here is his demonstration of secret guru projection. With these amazing people I have noticed everything they say about someone else is what they feel and/or think about themselves.

“You suck!” = “I feel worthless and it makes me angry!”

“You’re a little bitch” = “I get called a little bitch all the time so I’ll do the same to feel better!”

“You’re a coward hiding behind your keyboard!” = “I cowardly hide behind my own keyboard but it makes me feel like a tough guy to project it on someone who was mean to me…”

And so it goes…

Best part?

The more self-loathing they are, the more these little doggies posture & bare their baby teeth and nip. That’s why it’s all but impossible to get mad at them when you understand their tormented psyches, much less take them seriously, or do anything but pity them, while also shamelessly & mercilessly exploiting their rage to make sales…


The October “Email Players” issue goes into great detail about these secret gurus — which are the business equivalent of the “secret kings” Vox Day described, who I learned much about this from reading about them — and how to identify, deal with, and profit from them.

These secret gurus are a very special kind of troll.

And, thus, they deserve extra special care and attention…

Here’s where to subscribe while there is still a little bit of time to get this issue:

Ben Settle

P.S. Another secret guru “tell” is the way they write large swaths of emotional text, as the one above did replying to one of my other emails.

Truly fascinating creatures.

And, if you know what to do with them, they are truly profitable, too…

  • Book & Tabloid Newsletter Publisher
  • Email Supremacist
  • Alt-Copywriter
  • Software Investor
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