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A gleaming gem for Twitter:

I enjoy following an eclectic variety of thought-leaders and thinkers (as well as bizarre accounts that tweet weird stuff) on Twitter — one of which is a fellow called “Black Label Logic”. And, recently, he said something that can put more money in the hot little hand of anyone who uses emails:

(Or writes any kind of sales copy)

“You cannot elicit an emotion from someone who has no seed of that emotion within them from which it can grow.”

There’s a lot of Value packed into that sentence.

Especially if you want to write emails people can’t “un-read.”


Okay, one of the most profitable emails I wrote in the prostate niche was to sell a product (as an affiliate for a product on clickbank) for men who have problems getting their “solider” to salute. And, it had had this subject line:

“Prostate problems and your flaccid member”

This bad-boy did extremely well, too.

And, it did well because it applied the black label logic quote above from start to finish.

It also broke a lot of “rules” in the process.

Anyway, here’s why I bring this up:

If you’d like to (1) get a deeper understanding of the quote above… (2) see how it applies to sales copy (3) know how applying it can put many more rupees in your hot little hand… and (4) see the email above in its all it’s glory… then the upcoming June “Email Players” issue will give you all that and more.

The deadline to get it is in a couple days.

After that, it’ll be too late.

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Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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