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Behold these special delivery instructions from someone who tried to subscribe to “Email Players” a few months ago:

Special Delivery Instructions:

I’m only agreeing to sign up for the Dec 2019 issue and then monthly beyond that. I also request an end of month payment date (don’t know how to do that because there’s nothing saying xyz even though i asked. I’d also prefer an option as to when a payment gets deducted. [Didn’t see any options anywhere to choose, nor was my questioned answered.) If Dec 2019 is unavailable, then I request END of Jan 2020 and I am not ok with being charged an entire month ahead of delivery.

As you can see, she’s quite possibly insane.

And, thus, was immediately rejected for membership, and banned forever, with her credit card charge voided, her name put on elBenbo’s “watch list” of people who will never be allowed anywhere near my business, my books, my newsletter, or any of my other products.

I bring this up for two reasons:

1. It amuses me to put this up as an example of the type of customer who should avoid me, not unlike in the movie “The Two Towers” when the Riders of Rohan put a decapitated orc head on a spike with its tongue sticking out to warn away other orcs.

2. It’s useful in its insanity.

Here’s what I mean:

It perfectly illustrates what I call “Damaged Goods Customers.”

In my experience and way of thinking there is perfectly healthy skepticism from people who maybe have been screwed over in the past or seen it happen enough times to have that layer of skepticism.

Then you have hopelessly jaded skepticism.

i.e., damaged.

Selling to these damaged customers is as futile & time-wasting as a good, responsible guy dating a women who’s only attracted to people who will treat her like crap, or a good salt-of-the-earth woman trying to change a guy so damaged by past relationships he thinks all women are evil and are out to get him.

The goo-roo casino is full of damaged goods customers.

And that damage these customers have not only perpetuates a cycle of ignoring and assuming the worst about high quality and legitimate offers like yours… but also continually buying from the very bottom-dwelling businesses that continue to screw them over again and again and again… making them even more damaged, more jaded, and more likely to keep buying only from more of said bottom-dwellers, while assuming the legit businesses are up to no good.

You can, of course, sell to whoever you want.

Admittedly, some people make fortunes selling to new product junkies (i.e., people addicted to the dopamine drip they get when they buy something new, but never use, consume, or implement), and other assorted damaged goods customers.

And it’s especially rampant in the “how to make money online” niche.

But if you want to learn how to market in such a way where as many of these damaged goods customers as possible avoid you (you can never full repel these types)… while the high class & high paying customers and clients might just go out of their way to hire you, buy from you, and do business with you… while often happily & eagerly paying you top fees and prices… and potentially do so even if you are new to business… the March “Email Players” issue can help you do just that.

But, a word of warning:

While this issue is “newbie friendly”, it ain’t magic.

It still takes a lot of thinking, effort, patience, and ambition to use. You’ll also need to have value to offer, and a list to sell that value to.

If you ain’t got that, nothing I offer can help you.

Whatever the case, tomorrow’s the deadline to subscribe in time to get the March issue.

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