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If there’s one group of people I annoy, frustrate, and turn off the most… it’s digital nomads who are always traveling, never in one spot, and spend lots of time away from home (if they even have a home).


Because I sell physical products.

(Like Email Players, books, etc)

And, not a suite of digital products.

All of which means, these people who buy from me have to lug all my products around everywhere they go, or else leave them somewhere out of reach they can’t easily get to.

Anyway, many have complained about this to me over the years.

And, each time I have the same response:

I show them a picture of Mr. Pink from the movie “Reservoir Dogs” where he’s rubbing his fingers together saying, “See this? This is the world’s smallest violin…” And when I ask them, “Let me ask you a question, eBook boy, of all the products you buy, which ones are physically on your desk, with a physical presence in your office?” They invariably admit only mine, after I wish I then ask them, “And all those pdfs and MP3s and videos on your hard drive… which of those stands out more than my newsletter and books?”

Proof positive what people say and what they do are always different.

It’s not unlike when the great publicity expert Paul Hartunian told a story about a student of his who FAXed his press releases in. The reporter who interviewed him after reading his press release said, “we prefer you email them…”

The irony writes itself.

Anyway, what’s the point of this email?

To convince you to sell physical products?

To rattle the cages of the digital nomads?

Or maybe to just have a little bit of fun?

Not at all.

(Except for the having fun part.)

In fact, probably most people should sell digital products, should avoid selling physical products, and keep doing what they do. But in the upcoming April “Email Players” issue I go into great detail about many things I have been doing — especially in the prior 18 months, which my business has seen its biggest growth “spurt” during over the almost-20 years — like this, due to a way of doing business very few people have the guts to do.

But, I suspect many of my subscribers will start doing it after they read it.

And, I predict, profit handsomely from doing so.

The deadline to get this issue is Sunday.

Here’s the link:

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  • Book & Newsletter Tabloid Publisher
  • Email Supremacist
  • Anti-Professional
  • Pulp Novelist
  • Alt-Copywriter

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