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One of the best lessons you can get on building and maintaining relationships with your audience (and by audience, I don’t mean only your email list…) is to study the life and career of the great Stan Lee.

Who is Stan Lee?

Stan’s ideas and work led to such results as:

  • Marvel Comics being the #1 comic book company on the planet
  • Billions of dollars in sales (merchanise, movies, comics, toys, etc that have resulted from his ideas and characters)
  • Keeping his rivals (like DC Comics) constantly playing catch-up and having to resort to copying what Stan was doing (not unlike a lot of copy & paste Internet marketers these days always playing second fiddle to people who actually, you know, think…)
  • Creating not just an audience, but a *family* amongst the fans

His fans where no just “fans.”

They were like super fans.

The kind of fans that would (figuratively) help the guy bury a body if he asked.

Anyway, here’s why I bring it up:

He did these things in a lot of different ways (had he had daily emails to use in the 60’s I suspect Marvel would have overtaken Disney… and would have bought Disney instead of the other way around).

And, you know what?

In the upcoming May “Email Players” issue I show you some of the things he pioneered that can be directly applied or adapted to most any business — especially if you sell on the Internet.

(Where these things are much easier to do than what he worked with.)

This issue goes to the printer Monday.

To get your hands on it, make yours Marvel and go here:

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  • Email Specialist

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