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One of the things I do that is almost 180 degrees opposite of just about everyone else is, I don’t lie to my list.

And I’m not talking just about claims.

I’m talking about telling them whatever problem they are dealing with is not their fault.

Especially, when it demonstrably and provably is their fault.

Take the weight loss market, for example.

When I partnered in a company in that niche a few years back, the stats and traffic guy Jim Yaghi told me my emails and sales letters converted over 40% of the list into some kind of buyer. It was probably a lot more than that, in fact, because we sold Kindle books, too.

And, I believe we did so well because I refused to lie to them.

I did not say:

“It’s not your fault you are overweight! Big pharma, big food, and big media have been conspiring to make you unhealthy your entire life … !” and then go into the usual pitch with benefits and claims.

I could have done that.

Everyone else in that market does.

But, it’s fundamentally dishonest.

Of course it’s their fault. If they are a functioning, thinking, responsible adult (the only kind of customers I care to have), then it is their fault. Whether it’s from overeating, following the wrong advice, not dealing with past abuse so they can heal (a disturbingly common reason for this particular problem nobody wants to talk about because too nice), not exercising, not avoiding sugar, drinking all the time, not having their hormones tested and then working towards fixing that, or whatever it is, it is their fault.

Or, they should at least take responsibility for it, either way.

How is me lying to them going to help them?

How is lying to them going to fix the problem?

How is lying to them going to make them want to buy anything else after that?

How is lying to them going to make a long-term change in their lives?


It’s not.

All lying to them will do is maybe get a one time sale, which they will do nothing with, as they flit off to the next solution which anyone who sells in weight loss knows is what most people do.

Thus, I told them the truth.

And, made them take responsibility, which made them ready to receive my sales pitch.

But, I did it in a very special way.

(I did not literally say, “it’s your fault! sac up!”)

Instead, I used a way that works far better than lying to people not only in weight loss, but in this market (i.e. selling to you), and every other market, when it makes sense to do it.

A way hardly anyone has the sac to do.

But, that not only makes sales, but makes better customers.

Anyway, I talk about this in a bonus lesson stuffed inside the September “Email Players” issue.

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Ben Settle

  • Novelist
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  • Email Specialist

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