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I’ve taught many times, in various venues (Email Players, speaking at events, etc) how important it is to catalog each and every one of the insecurities plaguing your market.

Especially the ones they don’t want to talk about.

And, if asked, would insist they aren’t bothered by them.


Because doing so can make you a fair amount of the green stuff. Especially if the only people competing against you are the typical marketers who can’t write subject lines deeper than “Last chance!” or body copy content deeper than listing benefits.

One example is an email I wrote in the MLM niche.

It was about a stay-at-home dad whose wife cheated on him.

That email, which got the most clicks and sales of the 10+ emails that went out for that campaign, was all about a common insecurity a lot of husbands have about their wives making more money than them while they work closely with other men at their jobs who are more charismatic and powerful than them.

And that (in my humble, but accurate opinion) is why it worked so well.

This is why one of the most profitable kinds of subject lines you can write are the ones that wrench on a deep, painful, and maybe even shameful insecurity a lot of people in your market secretly possess.

Especially one the template I give in the December “Email Players” issue presses on.

Due to the uniqueness of it, you can probably only use it once in a while.

But, when you do?

Well, I can’t make you any promises.

But, I suspect you’ll be one smiling donkey.

Anyway, I’m sending this issue to the printer in a bit today.

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Ben Settle

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