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Behold a cautionary tale:

Many moons ago, I wrote a book that had a lot of interview transcripts in it as content as appendixes.

All turned out great, far as I was concerned.

But, there were a couple disappointments. I shalt keep the names to myself to protect the guilty, but there were some highly talented “celebrity” type people in business I interviewed for it, that I couldn’t use, and wound up on the cutting room floor.

Why couldn’t I use them?

Because they were boring interviews.

Being boring is the #1 sin in marketing, that’ll send your business and sales right into the fiery abyss.

And, this especially true when it comes to interviews.

In their cases, these were truly brilliant blokes at what they do, but get them on the phone, and all they can do is answer “yes” or “no”, and it was like pulling teeth to get anything usable from them.

The point?

Two points, actually:

1. It’s one reason why, in the rare cases where I interview someone, I pick that person first based on their entertainment factor, and second on their knowledge factor. The best people to interview for products, on podcasts, etc tend to be people who are naturally (or have learned it) entertaining.

2. This is especially important if you plan to do use podcasts to build your email list. I’ve been sounding like a broken record promoting the upcoming March “Email Players” issue, and I shall continue with this:

Getting on podcasts can be extremely effective for list-building.

Many of my best customers come from them.

But, the only reason they do is because I am very conscious about not boring the audience, not boring the host, and essentially hamming it up whenever the opportunity arises.

Enter the March “Email Players” issue.

I don’t care how boring you are now.

Nor do I care if you have the personality of a toad.

If you turn to pages 8-9, I will show you exactly how you — regardless of your personality — can make sure you not only don’t bore people when interviewed on podcasts, but significantly “rev up” the chances of listeners wanting to go to your site, opt-in, and, yes, buy from you.

I am far from a natural at this.

In fact, my very first podcast interview was an utter embarrassment.

So was my first radio appearance.

(Both were 13 years ago)


I simply follow the very short, and easy-t0-implement instructions on pages 8-9 of the March issue whenever interviewed and it’s simply never an issue anymore, nor has it been. I almost always get a nice batch of new leads from most any show now, even the smaller ones, and it’s because of this simple advice anyone can follow and learn.

Anyway, so that’s one of many things in the March issue.

The deadline is creeping up to get it.

Here’s the link:

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  • Novelist
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