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True story:

Many years ago (circa 2008) the great Gary Bencivenga sent me — as a thank-you gift — a slender little volume his mentor (advertising legend David Ogilvy) said had changed his life and urged all his employees to read at least once per year. And I have since learned many of history’s greatest marketing & business minds were big fans of it, too.

It was a 32-page pamphlet-like book called:

“Obvious Adams”

It is a short story about an advertising man who was not the best or most skilled copywriter or marketing mind… but whose ads were ultra successful simply because he knew how to spot the “obvious” solutions to problems.

It’s quite the fascinating read, too.

And, it teaches a special kind of “mindset” you won’t find in other copywriting or marketing books. Plus, even though it was published way back in 1916, it’s just as relevant (in my not-so-humble opinion, even more relevant) today.

Take podcasts, for example.

I’ve been yapping on a lot about using podcasts for email list-building.

Especially since, they can nab you some of the best, most loyal, and most productive (i.e. doers) customers you can ever ask for. It’s astonishing to me how many of my most successful customers found me via a podcast I was interviewed on, and I have heard similar tales from other people I know up in this business.

But back to the story:

Not too long ago I had an Obvious Adams-inspired brain belch about podcasts.

Specifically, how to monetize all my appearances better.

To my knowledge, nobody else is teaching (much less doing on any kind of regular basis) what I am doing now on podcasts, but that can potentially bring you lots of new sales and leads, and lets you shamelessly pitch whatever you want on podcasts in a way hosts love and that the audiences love.

And, yes, it can make people far more likely to want to join your list, too.

(Without having to change your opt-in bribe or anything like that.)

A true Obvious Adams method.

And, guess what?

I teach it in detail on page 12 in the upcoming March “Email Players” issue.

In fact, not only am I applying this to podcast appearances (when it’s practical to do so), but to many other facets of my business and the results have already been far better than expected.

The deadline to get the March issue is tomorrow.

After that, you won’t be able to get it.

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