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About 8 years ago, I wrote an ad for the prostate niche.

It sold an eBook I wanted to build a side business around, and so I spent probably more time writing the sales letter than I did the eBook. I also sent that sales letter to as many men as I could get to read it, since that is a problem that potentially effects ever man.

The result?

The sales letter did it’s job almost too well.

By that I mean, almost every single guy I sent it to (young or old), told me they thought they might have a prostate problem after reading it. Yet, I am pretty sure not a single one of them did — especially the younger guys in their 20’s.

Like, for example, the Agora copywriter I showed it to a few years after.

(When I did some training for their writers and editors at their Baltimore office.)

Agora is known for having a hardcore legal team.

And, I wanted this writer’s opinion on the sales letter from that point of view.

His reply?


Awesome hanging out with you yesterday. I started reading your promo – it kicks ass – and something crazy happened: I freaken realized I’m experiencing some of these symptoms. Here’s the super short version:

He then went into his symptoms.

Anyway, here’s why I bring this up:

Do you remember my email from earlier today about that “law” of persuasion secret embedded in the movie “A Time To Kill”? Well, the reason that sales letter did as well as it did, and persuaded people they had a problem they didn’t even have, is because that persuasion secret was heavily in that sales letter.

And you know what?

I show you the exact part of that sales letter that contains it in the August “Email Players” issue starting on page 4.

It makes for a Valuable case study for how it works.

And, I have only seen one person every teach this law in depth in 16 years.

But you’ll know it.

And, you’ll be able to profit immensely from it

That is, if you are subscribed before I send it to the printer.

Go here while you still can, and before it’s too late:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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