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Last month She-Who-Designs elBenbo’s book covers Kia Arian wrote an email to her list about something Lady Gaga said in the news.

Specifically, it was about Lady Gaga referring to herself as a Christian woman.

And, even more specifically, a GOOD Christian woman.

I found it a bit amusing, personally.

But, for now, the lesson Kia taught is what was important:

Lady Gaga was basically thrashing Vice President Pence, and because she was given a megaphone by the media, she was automatically (as Kia put it):

“Deemed authoritative enough to publish across national media.”

And, I will add:

Without needing to show any proof to back up her claims.

To the proles in the media audiences, she was instantly granted that all-coveted “podium effect” — which means, when you see someone at a podium talking, they are almost always automatically believed, no matter what horse shyt they may spout.

Such is the power of media publicity.

You don’t have to like it.

You don’t have to respect it.

Frankly, you don’t even have to believe it works — like the laws of physics, if you step off a cliff, you’re going to plunge to your death whether you “believe” you will or not.

But you know what?

You can tap into this power on a small scale online.

And, you can do it without having to be a celebrity.

Yes, my little droogie, you, too, can grant yourself this kind of believability and prestige when you are booked on a podcast, then that show’s host talks you up and edifies you to the audience that trusts them and likes them, and then start yapping away about whatever topic it is you are an expert at. (Or even not an expert about…)

Some podcast audiences are small.

Some are big.

And, some are huge.

But big, small, or huge — they all have audiences of some kind. And to those audiences, you will have a certain level of authority and influence.

What you do with those precious gifts is up to you.

The vast majority of people squander them.

They natter on about whatever, with no plan on how to answer questions so people can’t stop listening… with no plan on how to plug their URL at the end to build their lists… and no plan on the multiple ways each interview can be turned into both new opt-ins and new sales they would never get otherwise.

That’s where the March “Email Players” shows up on stage with its own mic.

It spends a lot of time showing how any business — big, small, or raw, wriggling newbie — can:

1. Get booked on all the podcasts you want (including big shows)

2. Behave so people are more likely to listen to you and connect with you and want to hear more from you

3. Monetize and grow your email list from each appearance

A lot of nonsense gets taught about podcasts.

Especially, from podcast ex-spurts.

(But isn’t that the case in about any industry, really?)

What I am showing is proven from field research from over 12 years of getting myself booked not just on podcasts, but also for-real broadcast radio shows, and using those appearances to sell my wares, and building my lists for multiple kinds of markets.

The deadline to get this issue is coming up fast.

To make sure you get this issue in time, subscribe here today:

Ben Settle

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  • Email Specialist

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