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Your Daily Email Addiction

A cautionary tale:

Back in my Twitter days, I remember someone who was always self promoting on there (which was good), but who was doing it in an awkward way that was almost certainly generating low class leads for himself, while driving the higher quality play directly to my righteous opt-in page.

(Which was not good — for him, at least, I rather enjoyed it).

Here’s what he did:

He was starting to notice a small gaggle of mostly-newbie copywriters on Twitter (Ben Settle Twitter?) who copycatted my every move. Some of these guys did it in a way that made sense, but most did not. And, basically sounded like little wannabe Ben Settle clones, copying my words, my writing style, my personality (as much as that is possible), my business philosophies, my one-liners, and the list goes on.

Just copy, copy, copy.

Paste, paste, paste.

Me too, me too, me too.

So what the guy above did was, he would go out of his way to say he’s “not Ben Settle!” and then go on and on about how he does everything different, doesn’t do things the way I do them, doesn’t offer what I offer, and the list goes on.

The problem with this is twofold:

1. He’s being reactive instead of proactive

2. He was simply building my brand at the expense of his own

I call it “Anti-branding” because that’s exactly what it is.

You can see it in a lot of emails, too.

People are so desperate to be noticed… desperate to be listened to… desperate to be taken seriously, yet are too lazy and unmotivated and impatient to take the time to master a skill, risk any real money to gain invaluable experience and data, or try to think for themselves. So instead, they find a someone with a recognized name, decide to brand themselves as “not” that person, and then pound their chests about it on social media.

It’s as amusing to watch as it is futile.

Nobody of any significance in life became significant because they made it their Mission and brand to be “not someone else” and always naming that other business. Even if doing so works temporarily, it’s a weak long-term business-building goal at best, and business suicide at worst.

This is even the case in politics.

Democrats finally realized simply not being Trump isn’t enough.

You have to have your own point of view, your own opinions, and your own experiences, if you want to succeed up in this business long term.

Enter the September “Email Players” issue.

It shows you a secret “law” of persuasion that will make sure this never happens.

A law that can make you top-of-mind status in the brains and psyches of the people you market to on any media you use (and even on those you don’t, as I am finding out when it comes to social media). That can bond people to you in ways your jealous trolls can only dream of – which is why they will likely ramp up their attacks on you when you do it. And that can, frankly, make writing emails and creating all your other marketing a heckuva lot more fun and profitable all around.

You just have to possess a few attributes like:

1. Guts

2. Patience

3. Hard work ethic

4. Original thinking

5. A wee bit of shamelessness

If you possess all 5 of those attributes, I believe the information in the September “Email Players” issue will radically change your business fairly quickly. If you don’t possess all 5 of those attributes (even if you only have 4 of them), then this issue will be a complete waste of your time and money.

Don’t say you weren’t warned…

If you think you want in, time’s almost up to get this issue.

After I send it to the printer tomorrow, it’ll be too late.

Here’s the link:

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