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The book I am currently reading is called:

“The Name Above The Title”

It’s the autobiography of the great filmmaker Frank Capra. And there are so many lessons embedded within, I’m spending almost as much time taking notes as reading the dang thing.

One of the lessons everyone in email should take to heart is:

“There are no rules in filmmaking, only sins. And the cardinal sin is Dullness.”

Swap out “filmmaking” with “email” and you have the key to the whole game.

In fact, dullness is the cardinal sin that’ll send your sales straight to hell.

And, one of the best ways to not be dull is with the intelligent and strategic use of:


I looooove to tease.

And, while people never admit liking being teased, and will insist it does not “work” on them… it does. In fact, I’ve often found those are the people it works best on. It’s like people with a “No Solicitations” sign on their front door. One of the greatest sales trainers who ever lived (the great Stan Billue) observed many years ago the reason people have that on their door is precisely because they are such easy sells, and they know it, and that’s their way to protect themselves.

So it is whenever you hear someone say “that would never work on me!”

Okay, Chuckles.

You keep thinking that…

And this is especially true with the proper use of teasing — which gets people to pay for zero benefits in strip clubs every day, if that tells you anything.

Anyway, I talk about teasing in the January Email Players issue.

In fact, all the examples I show in there use tease to the hilt.

And they do it because it works.

Deadline to get the January issue approaches fast.

To get it in time, zip on over to this link today:

Ben Settle

  • Novelist
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