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One of the formative experiences of my entire business career was in an old, obscure teaching the great Dan Kennedy did about a wildly successful plumber.

A plumber who got all the customers he could handle.

Could charge far more than any other plumber probably could.

And, that impressed DK so much, he used it as a case study in his Peter Lowe Conference talks.

And, even though Dan was talking about direct mail lists, the lesson behind the story has been one of the single greatest email list building methods I’ve ever used, and continue to use, and will continue to use for many years into the future.

Plus, it’s free to use, too.

(Unlike the direct mail version of it.)

And, I have found it lets me connect a pipe (so to speak) to the faucets of paid traffic platforms and, in a completely roundabout sort of way, drain some of the best leads from those sites onto my own in many cases, and in a way that is much simpler than it sounds.

The February “Email Players” issue is all about what this is and how I do it.

There is nothing at all “new” about it.

But, I believe the way I’ve systematized it can help almost any business — new or old — start to build a responsive email list fairly quickly. Maybe not a big list, certainly not as much as paid advertising. But, I’ll take the Pepsi Challenge using this against paid ad lead quality any day.

The only caveat is, of course, you have to be subscribed.

And, just as important, subscribed before it goes to the printer tomorrow.

After that, it will be too late to get this issue.

Time is short on this.

If you want it, high-tail it over to this link immediately:

Ben Settle

P.S. I have admittedly make this method sound a lot secksier than it probably is.

But make no mistake:

That doesn’t mean it can’t work as well, if not better, than I have described…

  • Novelist
  • Anti-professional
  • Author
  • Email Specialist

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